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Job Information

Billings Clinic Dermatology Mohs Technician in Billings, Montana

Under the clinical supervision of the Physician and general supervision by the Manager, the MOHS Technician assists in the delivery of patient care/treatment, performing laboratory/histology duties, and assisting with surgical procedures. Works collaboratively with the Physician and Dermatology staff to meet the physical, psychosocial, educational, and spiritual needs of the patient and family. Assists in the care of the surgical patient by performing the scrub role of handling instruments, equipment and supplies. The Mohs Technician has an understanding of the procedure being performed, anticipates the needs of the surgeon, maintains a sterile field and is responsible pre- and post-operatively for technical components of surgery. Follows established procedures for preparation of surgical specimens. Prepares mounts on slides and stains or treats tissue with chemicals so as to reveal specific structural details under microscopic analysis. Perform hist ology duties to prepare material for pathologic evaluation.

Essential Job Functions

•Supports and models behaviors consistent with Billings Clinic's mission, vision, values, code of business conduct and service expectations. Meets all mandatory organizational and departmental requirements. Maintains competency in all organizational, departmental and outside agency standards as it relates to the environment, employee, patient safety or job performance.
•Receives and prepares patient for examination and treatment as directed. Obtains and records history and vital signs. Charts and documents in medical record according to protocol. Collects laboratory specimens as needed. Assists physician in the care of patients/families by contributing information in order to aid in planning and evaluating patient care, with consideration for emotional, social and physical needs. (Patient Care, Assessment, Patient Examination Prep)
•Cleans and maintains exam and treatment rooms to include ordering and maintaining adequate inventory of clinical a nd office supplies, instruments, and equipment as needed, daily decontamination of work area and sterilizing of instruments, and appropriate disposal of residual surgical pathology specimens and lab chemicals. (Environment of Care, Maintenance, Room Supplies & Equipment Prep)
•Assists physicians and non-physician providers in preparing for procedures and physical exams. •Demonstrates proper handling of instruments and equipment. Anticipates, plans for and responds to the needs of the surgeon and other members of the team by constantly watching the sterile field. (Patient Care, Procedures, Assist Providers - Derm)
•Observes patients for physical and emotional reactions to medications and treatments, reporting any irregularities to appropriate medical and/or other nursing personnel. Identifies potential complications and responds appropriately to identified needs. (Patient Care, Patient •Observation, patient obs for reactions)Performs minor proc edures to include but not limited to stitch and staple removal, wound and ulcer care, application of dressings, and phototherapy adhering to policy and procedure; documentation is concise and thorough. (Patient Care, Procedures, Perform Minor Procedures)
•Reviews clerical information including the labeling of the specimen and requisition, reconciling any discrepancies detected in labeling. Prepare specimens for accessioning and gross evaluation. ((Patient Care, Procedures, Mohs Tissue Processing)
Assigns accession numbers to cases as they arrive in the Mohs lab.
•Processes selected tissue as directed by the Mohs surgeon.
•Embeds, cuts, stains and coverslips slides efficiently.
•Catalogs and files all slides
•Prepares laboratory solutions and reagents according to established procedures and exact formula in order to maintain adequate quantities for daily work assignments. Change and filter stainer chemicals per protocols. (Envi ronment of Care, Inventory, Laboratory Prep)
•Records and reviews quality control data and case logs. Utilizes performance improvement principles to assess and improve quality. (Quality/Regulatory, Quality Review, QC Data)
•Assists with scheduling admissions, appointments, diagnostic tests, treatments, procedures, and surgery. Screens incoming telephone calls for appropriate referrals to nurse, physician and/or non-physician provider. (Patient Services, Scheduling, Patient Scheduling)
•Provides instruction to patients as directed by physician, non-physician provider or documented in policies and procedures. (Education, Patient, Educates Patient, Provider)
•Maintains patient files, records and other information. Adheres to HIPAA and confidentiality requirements. (HIM, Patient Chart, Documents in Patient Record)
•Compiles statistical data for reports as directed. (with 9)
Performs all other duties as assigned or as needed to me et the needs of the department/organization. May assist in the training/orientation of new staff and act as a resource to staff in resolving problems or questions.