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Billings Clinic Nuclear Medicine Technologist in Billings, Montana

The incumbent in this position is responsible for performing diagnostic imaging services in the specialty of Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology and PET/CT as an advanced application. The technologist is responsible for the operation of a variety of equipment to produce images of the patient's body for diagnostic purposes and therapeutic procedures involving radiopharmaceuticals. The Nuclear Medicine technologist is responsible for providing exposure in the field of Nuclear Medicine to the Radiologic Technologist program students. Interviews patients, explains procedures, performs venipuncture and positions the patient for procedures. Reviews test results with radiologists/referring physicians. Essential Job Functions • Supports and models behaviors consistent with the mission and philosophy of Billings Clinic and department/service. • Follows NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) guidelines to limit patient and staff exposures. < br>• Monitors equipment performance and if needed notifies service personnel. • Prepares radiopharmaceutical and checks their purity. • Performs clinical assessment and nuclear medicine exams as ordered by the physician. Assumes responsibility for the safety, mental and physical comfort of all patients in the nuclear medicine area. Interviews patient, explains examination and administers pre-medication or radiopharmaceuticals as appropriate. • Uses cognitive nuclear medicine skills to identify, record and adapt procedures as appropriate to the anatomical, pathological, diagnostic information and images. Selects proper technical factors to perform scan. Coordinates with other staff to ensure appropriate patient care is provided. • Analyzes nuclear medicine, nuclear cardiology and PET/CT information, medical history, and utilized independent judgment during the exam to accurately differentiate between normal and pathologic findings. • Utilized computer to process acquired data, access clinical and/or financial information. • Follows the Quality Management Program for administration of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals. • Maintains patient examination records in accordance with Billings Clinic policies, procedures and standards. • Coordinates scheduling, transportation and scanning of patient. • Follows Nuclear Regulatory Commission guidelines for proper storage and disposal of hazardous waste. • Maintains competency in all organizational, departmental and outside agency environmental, employee or patient safety standards relevant to job performance. Participates in maintenance of laboratory accreditation. Complies with general training required by Billings Clinic as well as specific training required of the position. • Performs other duties as assigned or needed to meet the needs of the department/organization. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities •Billings Clinic policy and procedures, both organizational and departmental •Billings Clinic Corporate Compliance Program •Billings Clinic Code of Business Conduct •Customer service techniques and Personal Service Excellence (PSE) skills •Personal computers, hardware and software •Various computer systems relating to Nuclear Medicine •HIPAA and confidentiality requirements •Patient/resident rights •Regulatory requirements and standards governing Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology and PET/CT services •Principles, practices and techniques of Nuclear Medicine including guidelines for age appropriate care •Infection control procedures •Radiopharmaceuticals •Hazcom and safety criteria •National Patient Safety Goals •Professional communication skills, both verbal and written •Performing complex algebraic calculations for equipment settings, medication administ ration, etc. •Manual dexterity for operating technical equipment, handling radioactive material and administering IV's •Incorporate population specific needs into all aspects of communication and patient care; scope of services provided will encompass age groups ranging from infant to geriatric •Transport and/or lift patients •Function independently at a high level of competency with minimal supervision •Cross train to work into different areas within the special imaging modalities: Nuclear Cardiology and PET/CT. •Perform calculations •Explain the procedure to the patient and review cases with the radiologist, cardiologist, and/or referring physicians. •Establish and maintain collaborative relationships •Work effectively in a team environment •Respond calmly and professionally in an emergent or difficult situation •Maintain flexibility to adapt to a variety of workload assignments •May be expected to rotate to several different imaging modalities during a shift •Exposure to unpleasant odors from soiled linen or human waste and contact with patients exhibiting possible infectious diseases. Universal precautions are mandatory when working with all patients. •Possibility of exposure to ionizing radiation or contact with corrosive darkroom chemicals, however, if adherence to safety and protection standards is followed, chance of accident is remote. •Errors in calibrating equipment and performing procedures could result in poor quality test results which could negatively impact the quality of patient care Minimum Qualifications Certifications and Licensure Current Health Care Provider CPR CertificationRegistered with the American Registry of Radiological Technologists