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Billings Clinic Patient Care Technician II (0.9) in Billings, Montana

Under the direction and supervision of the physician and in accordance with the authorized scope of practice for the level, assists in the delivery of patient care. Works collaboratively with the health care team including nursing staff and other health care providers to meet the physical, psychosocial, educational and spiritual needs of the patient and family. Essential Job Functions * Supports and models behaviors consistent with the mission, vision, values and philosophy of Billings Clinic and the Emergency Department. Functions within the core competencies and "Minimum Specifications" set forth by the organization. * Responds in a timely, pleasant, efficient manner to the ED phone lines, using PSE guidelines; able to transfer calls. Adheres to confidentiality (HIPPA) and patient right requirements. * Pleasantly greets patient upon entering ED (waiting room) and directs to next available triage room, if Chief complaint is emergent will immediately notify Triage Nurse. Obtains and/or records vital signs, including height and weight and places on white board for RN charts and documents in patients record according to documentation guidelines. Collects laboratory specimens as needed. Performs Point of Care (POC) laboratory testing (glucometer) as listed in the job description. * Performs basic patient care, treatments, and documentation approved by the Physician or delegated by RN. * Assists patient's activities during ED care, such as showers, ambulating and turning, crutches, walkers, wheelchair or stretchers, transfers and assists with patient transports within the ED & facility. * Obtains and records vital signs including blood pressure, pulse, respiration, temperature, and pulse oximetry using manual & automatic technology. Additionally performs postural vital signs, obtains weights & heights, visual acuities, and specific POC testing (i.e. precision Glucometer). * Measures, records, and provides, for patient: intake of food and fluid which includes partial and total assistance with feedings; output from bodily functions/specified drainage devices and collects specimens as directed by the physician. Works collaboratively within the ED patient care team * Reports changes in patient condition, patient needs, and patient/visitor problems to the ED Physician AND Primary Nurse/or ED Charge Nurse. * Documents all care provided utilizing appropriate ED documentation-CERNER FirstNet and/or ED paper chart guidelines. * Assists in preparing wounds for suturing, i.e., cleansing and irrigation of the wound and setting up of all equipment (including sterile supplies) for suture procedure. * Performs EKGs as required and places patients on cardiac monitors. * Assists in preparing patient for MD exam, Patients need to be changed into a gown for assessment (i.e., assisting patient to undress, providing warm blankets, ice, extremity elevations, etc.) * Assists Diagnostic Imaging Tech with X-ray procedures as needed, as well as assisting in transfer of patients to CT or US. * Assists in the safety search of designated patient(s) as needed. (Following safety search policy) * Institutes seizure precautions when applicable * Assists MD/RN with gastric lavage as directed (ED only). * Assists ED physician/RN as needed with tasks such as providing supplies and equipment. * Responds to patient call lights and reports patient requests to MD/RN caring for patient. * Completes documentation following patient disposition, i.e. admission and discharge and transfer. * Sets up initial IV fluid bag including priming tubing adhering to aseptic technique at the specific request of the MD/RN * Establishes peripheral IV line upon MD's request. Applicable to PCT II (with EMT) & III only. Discontinues peripheral IV lines upon MD request per education requirements Applicable to PCT II (with EMT) & III. * May establish ultrasound IV's after class/competency completion (level II (with EMT) & Level III only.) * If trained/competent in I/O may insert under request/supervision of ED physician. (level II (with EMT) & Level III only.) * Maintains clean patient environment by assisting in the cleaning and maintenance of the waiting room, patient rooms and the ED unit. Performs linen changes for occupied beds while maintaining proper patient body alignment and comfort. * Knowledge and competence in all equipment cleaning * Utilizes appropriate personal protective equipment * Is versed in aseptic and sterile technique * Visual acuity's * Performs phlebotomy procedures per established ED and laboratory guidelines for collection and processing of specimens. * Applies and removes restraints according to Billings Clinic policy. * Assists with ambulance/h To view the full job description, click here</>