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Global Bolting Technologies, Inc. Tool Technician in Billings, Montana

Candidate must have strong mechanical and technical skills. Problem solving skills and close attention to detail are also necessary for power tool repair professionals. Additionally, power tool repair technicians must have active listening skills to understand directions from supervisor and other managers. Manual dexterity and excellent eye-hand coordination is required to ensure proper disassembly and reassembly of various types and sizes of tools. Must be able stand for long periods of time, and to be able to lift up to #150 lb. pounds.ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES:A specialized Tool Repair Technician (Apprentice) must have strong skills and abilities:A.must possess excellent mechanical and technical aptitude project and safety oriented.C.possess skills to independently diagnose and complete repairs on manual, hydraulic, air and electric-powered calibrated torque power tools without direct supervision.D.must be able to read and understand professional and technical repair manuals, wiring diagrams, research repair methods online where responsible for rewiring electrical systems including soldering or casting wires to ensure proper functioning of high-tech power equipment and torque tools.F.possess general computer skills to read and comprehend work orders, prepare, and document all labor hours and parts used for the repair order, track, and control inventory electronically, receive incoming shipments, and package outgoing customer completed detail oriented while maintaining a clean and organized work area.H.must be able to effectively manage time and multi-task to prioritize and complete projects within required time frame and constraints. I.possess an excellent work ethic, be a positive team-player attitude, and the ability to accept self-motivated and willing to accept new responsibilities. K.take an active role in creating new techniques to solve problems, improve efficiencies, generate new revenue, and adapt equipment to enhance quality of overall work environment. L.commit to continuous improvement through maximizing current skill set, staying current and up to date with new repair methods by seeking the latest technology in repairs to expand knowledge.Skills and Qualifications:1.Work closely with supervisor, or independently as needed to advance and learn new job skills.2.Troubleshoot incoming equipment / tools brought or shipped from customer for repair.3.Disassemble defective equipment / tools for repairs using hand and power tools. 4.Clean parts, equipment, tools, and work area by using brooms, brushes, and other cleaning supplies.5.Record required repairs by documenting parts used and labor time on work orders. 6.Inspect and test faulty equipment / tool for damage and / or worn parts.7.Diagnose malfunctions by reading work orders and / or schematic drawings in manuals to determine required repairs and parts needed. 8.Repair and rebuild defective mechanical parts in electric motors and related equipment, using hand and power tools. 9.Remove and replace defective parts. 10. Lubricate moving parts. 11. Scrape and clean units or parts, using cleaning solvents, equipment / tools, and other methods. 12. Solder, wrap, and coat wires to ensure proper insulation. 13. Read service guides or conduct research via internet to find information needed to perform repairs. 14. Adjust and inspect working parts using hand tools and gauges. 15. Inspect electrical connections, wiring, relays, charging resistance boxes, and storage batteries, following wiring diagrams. 16. Reassemble repaired equipment / tool to the manufacturer’s specified requirements and ratings. 17. Repair or replace electrical accessories. 18. Track inventory by part number and keep track of time spent on each work order. 19. Steam-clean, polish and buff parts to remove abrasives and bonding materials, and spray, brush, or recoat surfaces, as necessary. 20. Setup required machinery for proper performance, using high tech computers and software. 21.Make accurate mathematical calculations with data acquired during testing and repair process.22.Draw upon technical and professional knowledge to choose appropriate course of action.Daily job performance will be evaluated on:Repair and maintain equipment / tools - service, repair, adjust and test tools, machines, devices, moving parts, and other equipment as needed.Make decisions and solving problems - analyze information and evaluate results to choose the best solution for repair.Inspect tools and equipment defect - inspect tool, equipment, structures, or materials to identify the cause of defect or other problems.Must be able to handle and move objects up to #150 pounds - use physical strength of back, hands and arms in handling, installing, positioning, and moving equipment, parts and materials for repair and shipping.Update and use relevant knowledge - keeping up-to-date technically and applying new knowledge to your job.Organize, plan, and prioritize work - developing specific goals and plans to prioritize, organize, and accomplish your work in a timely manner and to the supervisor’s and customer’s satisfaction.Maintain a safe and clean work and warehouse environment - return equipment, tools, and other materials to designated places used in job function. Sweep, dust, mop, mow, cut weeds, and other building and yard cleaning chores & maintenance.Communicate with persons and companies outside our organization in a friendly and professional manner - communicating with people outside company, representing our organization to customers, the public, government, suppliers, and other external sources in a professional manner. This information may be exchanged in person, through computers, in writing, or by telephone.Knowledge of computers, internet, and software - using computers and computer systems (including hardware and software) to enter data and process work orders and other information.Work directly with the customers and walk-in public - performing for people or dealing directly with the public, including serving existing and new customers by face-to-face communication or by telephone support. Working Conditions:Be respectful and considerate of others to foster and maintain a positive working environment and build strong customer relations.Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced repair shop environment and adapt to changing work priorities.Repair knowledge of high-tech tools and equipment using specific instruments and systems involving complex problems.Withstand exposure to a shop work environment with varying noise levels, temperature changes, chemicals, dust, fumes, etc… Be aware of inherent hazards in a repair shop environment and take appropriate action to ensure the highest of safety standards are met for yourself and fellow employees.Listen to supervisor’s instructions, hands-on training, and ask appropriate questions to understand work orders and to gain advanced knowledge and skills relating to job duties.Effectively communicate with other employees to coordinate work processes and priorities.Actively seek opportunities to assist customers and fellow employees. Interact directly with current and potential customers and to assist walk-in traffic as needed.Communicate and support customers and suppliers via telephone and / or email to build and maintain outside relationships in a professional and friendly manner. Physical Requirements:Sweep, dust, mop, mow lawn, cut weeds, pickup garbage, and complete other building and property maintenance duties as directed by supervisor.Able to meet physical job demands including lifting and handling up to #150 lb. pounds. Strength for pushing and pulling tools and other objects in the repair shop.Can work with eye-hand coordination with visual inspections of parts and objects close up.Have nimble and finger dexterity for handling small parts and assembly.Maneuvering around the shop such as bending, walking, climbing stairs, and standing for long period of times under normal working conditions.Operating a vehicle for customer pickup and deliveries, as directed by supervisor. Maintain and control of operating and testing equipment in safe and efficient manner.