POSITION SUMMARY:The housekeeping position is responsible for learning and cleaning the Mountain Maids way,methodically and systematically in teams, using supplies and equipment provided by thecompany. The goal is to provide the Ultimate Clean each and every time.SCOPE:Cleaning with a Mountain Maids team.DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES:Arrive on time, dressed in uniform with a positive attitude for the day.Clean the Mountain Maids way, methodically and systematically, according todelegated tasks.Manage time efficiently, completing tasks in given time with high quality.Work in a team environment.Communicate with Supervisor and/or Team Mentor throughout the day and at the end ofeach shift reporting daily activities and/or any other issues.Commitment and reliability with regard to work schedule.KNOWLEDGE:Working knowledge of Mountain Maids cleaning environment and expectationsWORKING CONDITIONS:The duties as described above are representative of those that must be met by an employee tosuccessfully perform the essential functions of this job. Must be able to move and/or lift 30 lbs.Flexibility in work shift, location and work schedule as needed. This position will have exposureto chemicals, small equipment and conditions typically found in a housekeeping environment.This position may at times require extended hours and days.Both full-time and part-time positions are available. All shifts are a full working day. Bozeman location hours are Mon-Fri 8:30-5:00. Big Sky hours are Mon-Sat 7:30-6:00 (including drive time). Wage of $12-$14 is dependent upon division being worked in. Transport is available from Four Corners to Big Sky.