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Job Information

Highline Adventures Housekeeping Manager in BOZEMAN, Montana

Duties of Position
Encourage a team spirit amongst staff members with leadership and guidance. Perform all housekeeping duties.

Essential duties and responsibilities include those found under Experienced Housekeeper as well as the following, although other duties may be assigned. Assist the General Manager in developing a housekeeping plan that ensures routine and periodic duties get done. This involves, but is not limited to, fridge cleaning, roll-away attention, common area cleaning, room deep cleaning, rotation of curtains and bedspreads, cleaning carpets and bath floors, and any other items needing special attention. Assist the General Manager in developing a plan to staff the Housekeeping Department in a way that is efficient, yet effective, depending on the time of year. Assist the General Manager with reviewing applicants for housekeeping positions and interviewing/selecting people to fill those positions. Train any new housekeepers in an approved way. Assist the General Manager in writing performance appraisals for housekeeping staff. Create a weekly housekeeping schedule for approval by the General Manager. Assign daily rooms to housekeepers. Ensure laundry is being completed throughout the day with the goal of having it done by the end of the shift or day. Ensure all common areas are cleaned daily. Inspect all rooms after they are completed and inform housekeepers if they need to go back and clean. Keep a log of all issues identified as related to specific housekeepers, for performance appraisals. Identify maintenance issues and relate them to the General Manager and Maintenance Department. Be available to fill-in for housekeeping shifts that need to be covered due to no-shows, sickness, or vacation time. Clean rooms when needed.

During the winter months, the Front Desk should be able to cover all of the breakfast area needs and most of the laundry needs. During this time the Housekeeping Supervisor will be required to clean more rooms, while focusing on deep cleaning and minor maintenance. The Housekeeping Supervisor may be the only housekeeper on duty some days during the winter.

Supervised By
Position is supervised by the General Manager.

Skills Required
Ability to prioritize needs and make rational decisions with limited supervision. This also applies to developing plans, schedules, and supply orders.
Knowledge of the standard principles, methods, practices, chemicals, techniques, tools and equipment used in cleaning rooms, fixtures, and appliances. Ability to work in a standing position for up to 8 hours. Knowledge of proper bending techniques and an ability to lift light to moderate weight
Ability to multi-task, for example, to do laundry and check rooms, while cleaning rooms. Ability to interact well with guests and other staff members. Pay attention to detail with regards to room inspections and be able to bring issues to the attention of housekeepers and the General Manager in a productive manner.

*Please note, we have updated our policies and procedures to maintain guest and team safety during this pandemic and continue to follow COVID-19 guidelines. All check in desks are fitted with plexiglass shields and key drop boxes to limit contact with guests. We do not service stayover rooms and checkouts are disinfected before and after each cleaning. Public areas and lobbies are disinfected at least every 2 hours. We also have a log for symptom checks for all employees at the beginning of each shift.