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Town and Country Foods Meat Manager - Town & Country Foods in Bozeman, Montana

Town & Country Foods – Manager -Meat

Reports to: Meat Manager, Store Manager

Responsibility: To assist the Meat Manager in the profitable operation of the Meat Department in a grocery store environment. During the Meat Manager’s absence, the Manager -Meat assumes the overall responsibility for directing and controlling the business operations of the meat department. This responsibility will also include implementation of all company policies, budgets and operating procedures within that department.

Duties of the Manager -Meat:

Responsible for all operations of the Meat Department.

  • Ensure profitability of the Meat Department

  • Follow through and maintain adequate and appropriate records at all times.

Responsible for making decisions in the best interest of the business.

  • Maintain an awareness and concern for the company’s interest and investment at all times through the practice of sound, honest judgment.

  • Maintain good working relationships with other department managers with the objective of improved sales storewide.

  • Maintain a high level of coordination and communication with other departments to ensure a smooth flow of products and service throughout the Store and within the Meat operation.

  • Follow through and achieve all company policies, programs and directives that apply to the Meat Department and the Store.

  • Maintain adequate and appropriate department records at all times.

  • Attend departmental, store, and company meetings.

Responsible for the performance of all the Meat Employees.

  • Be a good example for all Meat Department employees.

  • Directs and oversees the work of Meat employees who prepare and serve food.

  • Instruct and teach others all fundamentals of product care and processing of fresh and processed meat products. This will include proper handling and cutting of all meat products.

  • Communicates job expectations (enforces policies and procedures), observes employee performance, evaluates that performance and communicates observation to employee

  • Complete Employee Performance Reviews twice each year. New employees will be reviewed on the first day, first week, first month, and fifth month.

  • Ensure employee compliance with all company policies, programs and directives as specified in Town & Country Foods’ Policies and Procedures handbook.

Responsible for customer satisfaction of the Meat Department.

  • Gathers continuous feedback from customers

  • Friendly, courteous behavior

  • Responsible for customer Special Orders

Responsible for the safety of the Meat Department

  • Maintains safe, secure, and healthy environment by establishing, following, and enforcing sanitation standards and procedures;

  • Is knowledgeable with all company safety and accident prevention policies and reports all accidents to the Department and Store Manager.

  • Completes in-store Supervisor’s Accident Report when an employee is injured

  • Completes a First Report for workman compensation injuries or illnesses

  • Is familiar with store layout, location of safety and emergency equipment.

Responsible for Security of the Meat Department.

  • Maintains effective department security in compliance with and enforcement of company policies and directives.

  • Works with the Department and Store Manager to set up methods to prevent theft and shrink.

Responsible for the inventory control of the Meat Department.

  • Responsible for the receiving, storage, pricing and merchandising of all meat products, giving special attention to shortages and overages and making proper reports.

  • Trains other meat department employees to receive, store, price, and merchandise all meat products appropriately.

  • Maintains proper freshness (code dating), pricing, care and merchandising of the Meat Department in compliance with company policies and procedures.

  • Plan ahead for upcoming events or holidays.

  • Maintains high standards in relation to stock rotation.

  • Gives proper instruction to department employees in inventory control.

  • Maintain the prompt return and receipt of credit on outdated or damaged vendor products.

Responsible for the product variety mix of the Meat Department.

  • Plans and supervises all aspects of the Meat Department products

  • Identifies and communicates trends

Responsible for pricing of the Meat Department.

  • Verify and extend all invoices so that accurate pricing is determined.

  • Maintain 100 percent accurate price files

  • Maintain product and cost control in conjunction with company objectives to maximize department sales and profits and minimize losses.

  • Controls costs by reviewing portion control and quantities of preparation; minimizing waste; ensuring high quality of preparation.

  • Knows and has the ability to cost out all material to determine proper retails.

  • Ensure products are signed and priced correctly. Immediately replace a missing tag or sign.

  • Survey competitors to maintain our competitive edge.

Responsible for cleanliness of the Meat Department.

  • Instills in employees the importance of cleanliness both of themselves and of equipment and surroundings.

  • Take action with employees when improper appearance is evident.

  • Keeps shelves, coolers, freezers, and display fixtures cleaned and fully stocked.

  • Maintains safe, secure, and healthy environment by establishing, following, and enforcing sanitation standards and procedures;

Responsible for advertising and promotion of the Meat Department.

  • Know competitive products and their prices to present for advertising consideration.

  • Plans aggressive merchandising programs for increased sales. Assist management with cross merchandising ideas with other departments

Responsible for facility and equipment maintenance of the Meat Department.

  • Insures that the physical conditions of the department, including selling, backroom and storage areas, comply with the maintenance and sanitation standards of the Company and governmental regulatory agencies at all times.

  • Cleans and maintains work areas and equipment.

  • Supervise temperature checks on coolers, freezers, and cases

Responsible for staffing and scheduling of the Meat Department

  • Accomplishes Meat Department human resource objectives by recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, assigning, scheduling, coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees.

  • Works with the Department and Store Manager in establishing and monitoring employee work schedules within the Meat Department

  • Coordinates the work of all Meat Department employees.

Responsible for compliance with government regulations.

  • Complies with local, state, and federal regulations.

Responsible for cash flow of the Meat Department.

  • Continuously keeps and analyzes sales data; communicates observations of trends with the Department and Store Manager

  • Maintains effective control of products and supplies inventory for department keeping in line with established budgets and guidelines.

Position Requirements:

  • Required Lifting: Up to and including 90 pounds

  • Physical abilities: Regularly required to stand, sit, use hands in lifting and gripping, talk, hear, and occasionally crouch or kneel.

  • Equipment: Saws, slicers, knives, wrapping machine, scales

  • Paperwork: Must understand gross projections, invoices, transfers, labor goals, inventory, and other paperwork as assigned by management

  • Training: Responsible for training of meat department employees

  • Math: basic math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages

  • Reading: Basic reading skills

  • Communication: the ability to speak and understand the spoken work in order to respond promptly to pages, requests, co-workers and customers

This list of duties and responsibilities is not intended to be all-inclusive and may be expanded to include other duties or responsibilities that may deem necessary.