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City of Bozeman Stormwater Program Technician in Bozeman, Montana

Stormwater Program Technician

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Stormwater Program Technician


$60,216.00 - $65,790.40 Annually



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8/21/2022 11:59 PM Mountain

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The principal function of an employee in this class is to operate the Stormwater Program's erosion, sediment, and pollution control permitting system for construction projects, conduct site compliance inspections to evaluate conformance with City, State, and Federal stormwater regulations, and assist in the development and implementation of the City's Stormwater Management Program. The Stormwater Program Coordinator oversees work performed, but considerable leeway exists for independent judgment and initiative. The nature of the work performed requires that an employee in this class establish effective relationships with coworkers, industry professionals, government agencies, utility companies, and the public. This class performs its principal duties in a mix of office and field environments, with the potential for exposure to a variety of weather elements and personal risks.

Bargaining Unit: Montana Federation of Public Employees

Fair Labor Standards Act Status: Non-Exempt

Work Week Schedule: Mon-Fri 8a-5p (flexibility options available)

Examples of Essential Work (Illustrative Only)

  • Provides technical assistance to construction project representatives, such as engineers, architects, contractors, and developers, regarding applicable City, State, and Federal requirements, available resources, and City workflows;

  • Reviews Montana Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (MPDES) General Permits for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Construction Activity, City of Bozeman Less than One (1) Acre, and City of Bozeman Single-Family Residential Construction Stormwater Permits (Permits);

  • Evaluates Permit completeness and adequacy to gauge compliance with City, State, and Federal stormwater regulations; assesses best management practice (BMP) specifications, project schedules, and site maps;

  • Generates and delivers technical comments to applicants regarding Permit inadequacies;

  • Coordinates permit approval with applicants and various City Divisions;

  • Populates and maintains Cityworks Permits, Licensing, and Land (PLL) tracking software;

  • Conducts routine construction project, industrial facility, and municipal site stormwater compliance inspections to evaluate conformance with City, State, and Federal stormwater regulations;

  • Reviews specific Permits, plans, and reports associated with inspection targets;

  • Schedules inspections with appropriate personnel;

  • Performs inspections, including onsite paperwork review, site tour, interviews, and pollution assessments;

  • Compares onsite conditions to approved or updated Permits; identifies additional areas of non-compliance;

  • Populates site inspection forms with findings; generates a Notice of Violations, including areas of non-compliance and required corrective actions; coordinates submittal to appropriate personnel;

  • Implements the Stormwater Program's Enforcement Response Plan process;

  • Confirms implementation of corrective actions through follow up inspections and applicant communication;

  • Updates the City's Best Management Practice (BMP) Manual for Construction Sites, Permits, and inspection/permit review forms; researches and integrates new methods, products, and technologies;

  • Assists in the implementation of the Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Program; investigates pollution sources; notifies management of suspicious or known situations; mitigates per established response protocols;

  • Assists in the implementation of the Capital Construction Program; inspects active projects; populates inspection forms; communicates with the Project Manager;

  • Assists in the implementation of the Public Education Program; develops materials; engages citizens; generates reports;

  • Assists in the implementation of the Water Sampling and Evaluation Program; installs data collection equipment; collects samples;

  • Assists in the implementation of the Post-Construction Program; researches development documents; completes inspection of stormwater facilities; populates inspection forms; generates reports;

  • Participates in the Stormwater Division's annual budget preparation;

  • Utilizes Cityworks Asset Management Software (AMS) to track daily work activities;

  • Examines and compiles a variety of information and materials from outside sources; summarizes the information; prepares related reports accordingly;

  • Keeps the Stormwater Program Coordinator informed of work progress; presents potential issues or suggestions for new or improved ways of addressing such problems;

  • Attends meetings, conferences, workshops, webinars, and training to become and remain current on the principles, practices, and developments in assigned work areas;

  • Operates modern office equipment, including personal computers, printers, copiers, phones, and calculators;

  • Uses a full range of word processing and data processing software applications;

  • Coordinates with others to maximize the effectiveness of interdepartmental operations and activities;

  • Delivers excellent customer service by promptly responding to questions from the public; and

  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


  • Two years of formal training or education beyond high school in Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, Environmental Science, or a closely related field (Bachelor's Degree is preferred); and

  • One to three years of experience in utility operation, public works' projects, or construction; or

  • Any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform the work.


  • Thorough knowledge of the MPDES General Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Construction Activity;

  • Knowledge of the MPDES General Permit for Phase II General Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4);

  • Knowledge of typical construction project activities and pollution sources;

  • Knowledge of typical municipal site activities and pollution sources;

  • Knowledge of the selection and implementation of BMPs designed to mitigate identified pollutant sources;

  • Knowledge of local government responsibilities, policies, and procedures as they relate to this position;

  • Knowledge of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and data collection equipment;

  • Knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and AutoCAD;

  • Knowledge of proper language usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary;

  • Ability to effectively explain policies, ordinances, and regulations to others;

  • Ability to complete detailed compliance inspections and use available tools and communication strategies to guarantee successful outcomes;

  • Ability to arrive at work and meetings on time and maintain regular job attendance;

  • Ability to lead assigned projects to successful completion;

  • Ability to analyze, interpret, and develop solutions promptly using independent judgment and initiative;

  • Ability to visualize abstract concepts and effectively communicate them to others;

  • Ability to utilize critical thinking and logic in dealing with systems problems;

  • Ability to exercise sound, independent judgment and work with minimal supervision;

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information and data;

  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with assigned supervisors, other City employees, vendors, and the general public;

  • Ability to interpret and apply Federal, State, and local policies, procedures, laws, and regulations;

  • Ability to communicate effectively with others, both orally and in writing, using both technical and non-technical language;

  • Ability to understand and follow oral and written policies, procedures and instructions;

  • Ability to create queries, expressions, and formulas to write effective technical reports, flowcharts, topological data and other related data;

  • Ability to prepare and present accurate and reliable reports containing findings and recommendations;

  • Ability to operate a personal computer using standard or customized software applications appropriate to assigned tasks;

  • Ability to follow proper safety procedures and take proper care of City-owned equipment and tools;

  • Ability to use logical and creative thought processes to develop solutions according to written specifications and oral instructions;

  • Ability to perform a wide variety of duties and responsibilities with accuracy and speed under the pressure of time-sensitive deadlines;

  • Ability and willingness to quickly learn and put to use new skills and knowledge brought about by rapidly changing information and technology;

  • Ability to perform assigned tasks with ingenuity and inventiveness; and

  • Ability to perform assignments in line with the City's Core Values of Integrity, Leadership, Service, and Teamwork.


  • Must possess a current Class D Montana Valid Drivers' license or must have the ability to obtain a valid Montana Drivers' license within 60 days of employment;

  • Must have or obtain a Construction Site Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Administrator/Preparer Certification, or approved equal, within the first twelve months of work;

  • Must have or obtain a Construction Site Stormwater Pollution Compliance Evaluation Inspector Certification, or approved equal, within the first twelve months of employment;

  • Must have or obtain an Industrial Facility Stormwater Management Certification, or approved equal, within the first twelve months of employment;

  • Offers for employment are conditional upon satisfactory response to appropriate post conditional offer process.

    As a City of Bozeman employee, you will be part of a team that is committed to impacting and serving the community.

    1 FTE (40 hours per week)

    This great opportunity also provides enrollment in an established retirement system with significant employer contribution, ability to accrue 15 vacation days and 12 sick days per year, and excellent medical, dental and vision benefits!

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Working for the City of Bozeman has the ability to qualify to receive student loan forgiveness under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.


Bozeman, City of (MT)


121 N. Rouse Ave. Bozeman, Montana, 59715





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