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Cashier needed: Accurately counts high quantities of merchandise, ensures the counts and dollar amounts are correct. Finds and corrects errors in the store's inventory. Discerns the underlying cause of errors then conveys that information to the Store Manager or Assistant Store Manager. Prints and replaces pricing signage from batches or manual lists. Uses electronic device to scan and verify pricing, taking corrective action when needed. Stocks, straightens, and cleans Department. Customer Service. Performs background checks on gun sales in accordance with company guidelines and Federal/State laws and regulations. Logs, inventories, transfers, sells and records firearms according to company policy, federal, and state laws and regulations. Follows merchandising standards and practices. Aligns product, collects and returns stray items, stocks to maintain high product levels. Rotates merchandise. Checks for accurate signage. Hangs and replaces computer generated product signs. Uses box knife to cut boxes for display/accessibility of product and to cut twine or shrink-wrap from pallet. Stocks opened cases on shelves. Uses hand-held scanning gun or keys item numbers when necessary. Transfers or ensures transfer of each item as number is scanned. Monitors all merchandise passing through register line, promoting accurate merchandise inventory. Requests supervisor verification for high-ticket items. Assists with transferring merchandise in carts and packaging orders, following all safety and security procedures. Receives accurate payment for goods, makes change, processes checks, EBT, credit and debit charges according to proper departmental procedures for paperwork and performance of duties. Counts register at sign on, orders change, makes witnessed drops of excess funds to vault, orders cash increases and counts register at shift end to maintain accurate register funds. Performs related tasks, set-up and closing duties for department, such as putting returned or moved product back, collecting paperwork, stocking register, cleaning area, and retrieving carts. The wage is $12 per hour.