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The City-County of Butte-Silver Bow Detention Officer in Butte, Montana

Detention Officer

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Detention Officer


$3,753.20 - $4,135.40 Monthly


Silver-Bow County, MT

Job Type

Full-time Regular

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Law Enforcement


Detention Center

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General Statement of Duties

Administers the custody and care of prisoners; does related work as required.

Distinguishing Features of the Class

This is responsible law enforcement work involving performance of a variety of duties to control and supervise the activities of persons incarcerated in the Butte-Silver Bow Detention Facility. The work is performed under the general direction and supervision of the Detention Facility Administrator, but some leeway is granted for the exercise of independent judgement and initiative. The nature of the work performed requires that an employee in this class establish and maintain close cooperative working relationships with the supervisor, other law enforcement and emergency response personnel, inmates and the general public. Because the work is performed in close proximity with persons convicted of criminal offenses, the work involves an element of personal danger.

An employee in this class is required to maintain complete confidentiality on all matters pertaining to law enforcement operations, Law Enforcement Department personnel and the general public.

This position is covered under a Collective Bargaining Agreement between the City-County of Butte-Silver Bow and the Butte Police Protective Association.

Offering Lateral Transfer pay up to five years

Union contract and pay scale information available at:


Examples of Essential Work (Illustrative Only)

  • Supervises and controls the custody and activities of inmates of the Butte-Silver Bow Detention Facility by enforcing facility rules and regulations, maintaining order and discipline and monitoring and controlling activities within assigned areas of the facility;

  • Supervises and performs intake of prisoners to assure implementation of regulations concerning fingerprinting, mug photography, hygiene, and allocated clothing;

  • Communicates and coordinates with multiple agencies, including County Attorney's Office;

  • Monitors and regulates recreational, educational, hygienic, nourishment and social activities to maintain control of individual prisoners and the general inmate population;

  • Supervises inmate visitations, intervening in and/or reporting abnormalities;

  • Generates statistical and narrative reports;

  • Performs cell checks;

  • Issues basic supplies to prisoners;

  • Answers phones and responds to questions regarding Detention Facility population;

  • Administers medication to inmates;

  • Delivers meals to inmates;

  • Cleans Detention Facility cells;

  • Performs related work as required.

  • Perform all duties and work assignments in a safe, healthy, and environmentally sound manner. Specifically, complying with the Health & Safety Program; maintaining work areas in a safe and orderly manner; identifying and reporting unsafe conditions; reporting all accidents; wearing required personal protective equipment; and attending safety-related meetings, training sessions, fit testing, etc.

  • Perform all duties and work assignments in compliance with project quality requirements.

  • Act responsibly and ethically, and in conformance with generally accepted business, occupational, and professional standards.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.


Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Good knowledge of detention principals, practices, equipment and terminology;

  • Good knowledge of accepted Detention Facility operational methods;

  • Good knowledge of policy implementation and enforcement;

  • Good knowledge of Police Department functions, procedures, policies and organizations;

  • Good knowledge of local, state and federal codes governing the detention and housing of inmates;

  • Good knowledge of human behavior and modification techniques;

  • Good knowledge of standard first aid and CPR;

  • Good knowledge of universal precautions employed when handling body fluids;

  • Skill in terminating fights and other physical disruptions;

  • Ability to conduct searches of prisoners, personal property and buildings;

  • Ability to communicate well with the Detention Commander, Assistant Detention Commander, Sergeants, other law enforcement and emergency response personnel, inmates and the facility visitors, both orally and in writing, using both technical and non-technical language;

  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other County employees, supervisory personnel, inmates and facility visitors;

  • Ability to prepare accurate and reliable reports containing findings, recommendations, inmate population inventories and disciplinary actions;

  • Ability to operate a personal computer using word processing, spreadsheet and database applications appropriate to assigned duties;

  • Ability to use logical and creative thought processes to develop solutions according to written specifications and/or oral instructions;

  • Ability to perform a wide variety of detention and prisoner control tasks with accuracy and speed under the pressure of time-sensitive deadlines and in an atmosphere of personal danger;

  • Ability to quickly learn and put to use new skills and knowledge brought about by rapidly changing information and/or technology;

  • Ingenuity and inventiveness in the performance of assigned tasks.

Acceptable Experience and Training

  • Graduation from a high school; and

  • Some experience in the control of individuals in a secured or organized environment; or

  • Any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to perform the work.

Required Special Qualifications

  • Shall not be less than eighteen (18) years of age;

  • Must be a citizen of the United States;

  • If served in the armed forces, must have received an honorable discharge;

  • Must successfully pass all required examinations to include a physical fitness test, a written test, oral interview and a comprehensive background check;

  • Must not have been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude;

  • Detention Officer Basic Certification (upon completion of one year);

  • Possession of a valid Driver's License issued by the State of Montana.

  • Must be a resident of Butte-Silver Bow during employment according to Butte-Silver Bow Ordinance. See below.

"2.08.010 Residence during employment.

From and after October 1, 1979, all employees of the local government of Butte-Silver Bow shall be bona fide residents within the boundaries of Butte-Silver Bow during the period of their employment by the government of Butte-Silver Bow.

(Ord. 85 § 1, 1979)"

Essential Physical Abilities

  • Sufficient clarity of speech and hearing, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to communicate well with the Detention Facility Administrator, other law enforcement and emergency response personnel, inmates and facility visitors;

  • Sufficient vision, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to monitor video screens, conduct searches, monitor prisoner activities and use general office equipment;

  • Sufficient manual dexterity, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to operate control systems, perform self defense tactics and use general office equipment;

  • Sufficient personal mobility, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to escort prisoners, enter cells and confined spaces to conduct searches and control belligerent or hostile individuals.

The City-County is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, physical disability, or veteran status.

The job description is only a summary of the typical functions of the job, not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of all possible job responsibilities. Tasks and duties of the employee may differ from those outlined above.

This position offers benefits according to a Collective Bargaining Agreement.


City and County of Butte-Silver Bow, MT


155 W Granite Suite 209 Butte, Montana, 59701





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