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MARK & BELVA DEBRUYCKER Farmworker in BYNUM, Montana

Temporary full-time position from 2/1/2023 to 10/31/2023. We farm 4,000 acres of irrigated barley and wheat, and have another 600 acres of irrigated hay. We calve 650 cows and run 1,000 yearling cattle. Employees will be assisting with hauling grain and with the raising of newborn calves and cattle. During this time (Jan-May), record keeping, administering medications, giving vaccinations or insecticides, as appropriate, is necessary. During the summer months, employees will need to assist with other farm duties including flood irrigating, repairing fences and farm buildings, working with livestock where duties include assisting with weighing, castrating and cleaning housing areas. Employees will complete general farm duties as assigned. Employees will operate tractors and equipment to assist in the seeding, planting and harvesting of the wheat, barley and hay. Employees will need to complete routine repairs and maintenance on equipment. ***Please note that for 2024 and all future years, we will file for a January 1st starting date to cover our entire season. 2023 is the first year participating in the H2A program and the date filed for was the earliest date available. In view of the statutorily established basic function of the Employment Service (ES) as a no-fee labor exchange that is as a forum for bringing together employers and job seekers, neither the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) nor the State Workforce Agencies (SWA) are guarantors of the accuracy or truthfulness of information contained on job orders submitted by employers. Nor does any job order accepted or recruited upon by the ES constitute a contractual job offer to which the ETA or a SWA is in any way a party.