TRAPPER CREEK JOB CORPS Forestry Technician-Training Specialist in DARBY, Montana

We are currently advertising for a Forestry Technician (Training Specialist), GS-0462-08/09 position at Trapper Creek Job Corps Center. Please respond to this outreach by, indicating your interest, qualifications, and your contact information. The normal schedule for this position is Monday through Friday, 0730-1600. This position is being advertised as a permanent full-time position. Responses to the outreach notices for all series and grades will help us better determine what series and grades we will advertise and fill the position. This position is located at Trapper Creek Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center, in Darby, MT. It serves primarily as a vocational instructor for Forestry Practices training Job Corps students the associated tasks and duties involved in wildland firefighting, as well as other forestry related tasks (timber marking, recreation, trails, etc.), and may also serve in a variety of fire suppression and Incident Management assignments. The incumbent assists students, peers, and subordinates in understanding the relevance of, and promotes the development of positive social skills among students through modeling appropriate behavior, positive intervention, and positively intervening and teaching appropriate employability skills for workplace success. Participates in the Center Behavioral Management System (BMS) and/or the Student Code of Conduct (SCC) program as necessary to ensure proper workplace conduct, appearance and behavior. Sets a positive example as a role model to students by displaying appropriate etiquette, timeliness and dress. This position description is matched to PD#195240 which was approved for secondary coverage by USDA on 12/13/2010,L2 under the provisions of 5 USC 8336 (c) and 8412 (d). Ninety (90) days of experience as a primary/rigorous firefighter or equivalent experience outside federal employment as a basic qualification requirement for this position. This is a career-ladder position to the GS-0462-09 position. As a career ladder position, the incumbent will increase knowledge, skills, and abilities in the occupation; successfully complete required formal and on-the-job training; and demonstrate a progressive ability to independently accomplish assignments. The target position is the Forestry Technician (Training Specialist), GS-0462-09. With the support and guidance from the supervisor or a more senior program official, the following duties and responsibilities will be performed:MAJOR DUTIESFire Management Training 60% Serves as instructor or co-instructor for local fire management training courses.For identified training needs, analyzes the situation identifying alternatives and recommending course of action based on manpower, cost, timeliness, and other considerations.Prepares plans to execute approved training projects insuring proper scheduling and coordination with other unit activities.Prepares lessons plans and teaches Suppression and Incident Management courses and workshops to Job Corps students helping to prepare them for a career in Wildland Firefighting. Prepares announcements, specific instructional and performance objectives, selects instructors and instructional materials to assist in preparing students for their future careers.Tests and validates course content to ensure its effectiveness and usefulness to the Job Corps students that will be trained while still ensuring that such training meets all other FS Wildland Firefighting policies and direction.Provide direction to individual instructors insuring course material is adequately presented and achieving its intended purpose.Provides assistance to the Job Corps Forest Assistant Fire Management Officer in the total scope of activities at the Job Corps Center. This assistance includes:Prepares project plan for training assignments fully describing alternatives, costs, priorities, timeliness and other considerations, and providing recommendations.Plans, schedules, coordinate, and personally guides tr