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State of Montana Hunting Access Technician in Dillon, Montana

/THEOUTSIDEIS IN US ALL./ Please remember to attach the required documentsCover Letter and Resumelisted in this announcement.Applications missing the requested documents will be considered incomplete and may not progress further in the process.Documents not requested will not be considered in the recruitment process. The State Application is not a substitute for a Resume.This position closes at 11:59 PM Mountain Time on July 21, 2024. You must apply through the State of Montana Career site. Special Information: Identity of applicants who become finalists may be released to the public if the Department deems it necessary. Employees who exceed 1,040 hours in a calendar year are also provided health, dental and life insurance. Other benefits include retirement, paid vacation, sick and holidays. This position may be covered by a VEBA (Voluntary EmployeeBeneficiaryAssociation). A successful applicant will be subject to a background investigation. Women and minorities are under-represented in this job category and are encouraged to apply. Job Duties: Assist with the implementation of regional hunting access programs. This includes coordination with area landowners and department personnel to address recreational use compliance and information dissemination for public hunting opportunities.Implement department hunting access programs and assist landowners to provide public hunting opportunities. With regional guidance, assist to develop and implement necessary processes and changes to adapt area use rules and hunter activities during hunting seasons. Work with landowners, partners and department personnel to post on site area rules and regulations to ensure hunter awareness and compliance. Assist with setting up and maintaining public hunting access sites. This may include locating and marking boundaries and access points, establishing parking areas, maintaining information or permission stations. Collect and maintain access use data and information. Document daily and seasonal use of hunting areas. Act as a resource for landowners and the public by responding to inquiries, providing information anddirection. Assist in the resolution of conflicts which involve hunters and landowners. Provide assistance with the development and dissemination of programmatic materials. Communicate program information to hunters, landowners, and department personnel. Some positions locations may be requested to manage specialized permission systems, issue permission and provide information pertaining to specialized permissionsystems. Provide general information to hunters regarding department rules and regulations, access opportunities, and state and local land management agency rules Physical and Environmental Demands: Requires frequent travel and working conditions in a field setting, typically in remote mountainous terrain. Overnight travel is also required and may entail using FWP, DNRC or USFS facilities in remote locations. Working conditions may include use of motorized vehicles, horses, all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles, hiking, transporting of equipment by foot or motorized vehicle over rugged terrain, working outdoors in all seasons and in unpredictable and inclement weather. The incumbent should be in good overall physical condition and possess sufficient outdoor skills to withstand the rigors and demands of outdoor work and to carry out duties effectively and safely. Lifting 30 - 50 pounds is commonly required. Mental stress may result from prolonged or irregular work hours, physical discomfort while conducting field work, frequent travel, competing priorities, challenging interpersonal relationships and hunting access challenges in general. The incumbent may handle dead animals with potential risks from disease, parasites, and infections as well as injury during handling, which may expose incumbent to blood, internal organs, saliva, and tissue samples. Public assistance duties may include use of department cell phones, printed materials, maps, visual media, GPS use and, navigational assistance. This is a field position that involves extensive amounts of driving in extreme weather conditions. Must be able to work both independently and as part of a team in a remote location. Must have excellent communication skills and the ability to work closely with the public. Must be able to effectively communicate in writing and verbally with a wide variety of people and personalities including ranchers, farmers, biologists, game wardens and hunters. Must have public speaking abilities and the skills necessary to efficiently communicate and/or manage large groups of people. Must be able to work with a minimum amount of supervision in remote settings. Must be able to navigate the landscape and administrative boundaries by using a GPS and maps depicting private and public landownership. Must be able to interpret administrative travel routes, public recreation rules, and hunting regulations. Should have basic understanding of upland game bird and big game hunting regulations and/or wildlife management. Knowledge of Western Montana and understanding of agricultural practices is advantageous. Must have a driver's license and be able to operate a 4x4 truck both standard and automatic transmissions in all types of weather and road conditions. Additional equipment duties may involve use of: fencing tools, basic construction tools, computer and GPS. Job Duration & Work Schedule: * This is a seasonal position. Approximate employment dates for Access Technician field positions in Region 3 vary and typically begin late August and run through end of general rifle season. Weekend and holiday work will be required. Work schedule for this position is typically Friday through Monday with 8-hour days but can vary. Housing may be provided in specific locations. *Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Core Competencies Teamwork This competency describes a person's ability to work with others, collectively pursuing a common goal regardless of personal preferences. It is the ability to cooperate with all team members, valuing each one's insight and skills. Demonstration of this competency is seen in the following: · Works effectively with individuals and groups; pursues universal solutions. · Collaborates with others to understand and meet the public's needs. · Shares workload with other team members; goes the extra step to insure successful completion of work unit goals. · Constructively resolves disagreements by negotiating mutual, acceptable solutions. · Accepts and provides constructive feedback in working relationships. Public Service This competency delineates a person's willingness to serve the public, to acknowledge that the citizens of Montana are our customers in addition to protecting the State's resources. This encompasses a person's attitude towards the public and the way that they treat the public in their daily professional life. Demonstration of this competency is seen in the following: · Demonstrates commitment to serving the public interest. · Recognizes the public's concerns as meaningful and valuable. · Responds positively and constructively to issues voiced by the public. · Makes decisions that benefit the public even if the decision is unpopular. · Puts the public's needs ahead of personal interests. People Skills This competency illuminates a person's ability to get along with others in a productive and positive manner. It encompasses a person's ability to demonstrate awareness for others feelings and concerns, and their capability of building stable, helpful work relationships. Demonstration of this competency is seen in the following: · Maintains positive working relationships with coworkers, the public, and other agencies. · Gains cooperation from others when appropriate. · Demonstrates trustworthiness in professional relationships. · Treats people with respect, courtesy, and fairness. · Maintains focus, emotional control and maturity in work-related situation Continual Improvement This competency describes a person's willingness to actively pursue opportunities for betterment in their professional knowledge and experience. It gets at their desire to see change and growth not only in themselves, but in the work processes they contribute to. Demonstration of this competency is seen in the following: · Identifies current opportunities for development and acts to take advantage of them. · Shows interest in one's professional development and capitalizes upon opportunities. · Takes initiative to continuously improve professional knowledge and skills. · Recognizes inefficient/ineffective processes and offers/promotes alternative solutions. · Demonstrates a willingness to learn and try things new ways. Education & Experience: The knowledge, skills, and abilities of this position are normally attained through combination of education and experience equivalent to a High School Diploma. Other combinations of education and experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Preference will be given to applicants with strong interpersonal communication skills and college coursework in Criminal Justice, Wildlife Management or closely related fields or at least 2 years of experience relatable to this position. Qualifications: Applicants should have basic knowledge and understanding of Montana's hunting heritage, hunting principles, rules and regulations. A basic understanding of ranching practices and agricultural communities is preferred. Must be capable of building necessary skills to maintain partnerships between hunting access, wildlife habitat conservation and agricultural values. Applicants should have the ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing with diverse groups of people and personalities. Applicants must demonstrate the ability to work in a team atmosphere, with regional hunting access personnel, biologists and game wardens. Applicants must also demonstrate aptitude for building and maintaining interpersonal relationships with FWP staff, private landowners, the public and partner agencies. Applicants must be capable explaining basic department principles and concepts in a simple, clear and effective way to members of the public. Applicants should have the ability to follow verbal and written assignments, to prioritize and manage a range of tasks. The ability to work independently with little to no daily supervision in remote locations. Applicants must also be willing to learn basic situational awareness; perception of personal safety and safety of others is expected. A positive outlook and demeanor is preferred. Applicants should be able to operate a 4x4 pickup truck both standard and automatic transmissions. Other equipment duties may involve use of: fencing tools, basic construction tools, computer and GPS. Title: Hunting Access Technician Location: Dillon Requisition ID: 24141917