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Albertsons Pharmacy Tech Specialist - Store 1581 in DILLON, Montana

PURPOSE Provide prompt, efficient and friendly customer satisfaction. Assist the pharmacist in all aspects of the operation of the pharmacy (as legally permitted) and supervision and training of pharmacy personnel. WORKING RELATIONSHIPS: Accountable and Reports to: Pharmacy Manager/Head Pharmacist, Staff Pharmacist, Store Director, Asst. Store Director PRIMARY JOB FUNCTIONS: *Provides prompt, efficient and friendly customer satisfaction by exhibiting care, concern and patience in allcustomer interactions and treating customers as the most important people in the store. *Smiles and greets customers in a friendly manner, whether the encounter takes place in the associate'sdesignated department or elsewhere in the store. *Genuinely thanks each customer and invites them to return. *Assists customers by: (examples include) oescorting them to the products they're looking for (when possible) osecuring products that are out of reach oloading or unloading heavy items omaking note of and passing along customer suggestions or requests operforming other tasks in every way possible to enhance the shopping experience. *Answers questions appropriately (and within legal limitations); demonstrates working knowledge ofcompany customer service standards. *Applies company Greet, Offer and Thank (GOT) guidelines to interactions with the health care communityand patients. *Assists Pharmacy Manager/Head Pharmacist in coordinating workflow functions and workstations toinsure adequate pharmacy coverage and customer service levels; prioritizes workflow activities. *Acts as pharmacy computer expert as well as primary trainer; monitors computer usage and efficiency forother pharmacy support staff; performs and follows defined workflow procedures as legally allowable;proficient with all workstations (within legal limits). *Maintains inventory control procedures; orders product from appropriate sources; assists with preparationof physical inventory; assists in pharmacy returns, regularly reviews pharmacy stock for recalled, outdatedand overstocked product. *Processes non-control drug orders, including check in when required. *Has working knowledge of and helps with weekly entries in electronic pharmacy financial notebook asdirected by Pharmacy Manager/Head Pharmacist; can utilize the economic reports and understand thegeneral relationship of the numbers reported; aware of competitive pricing and completes pricing surveys;follows through with pricing/out-of-stock problems; participates in special marketing projects/in-storepromotions. *Serves as third party expert; trains, coordinates and directs pharmacy staff in all aspects of third party planadministration (including, but not limited to, review of new third party information with pharmacy staff,maintenance of plan integrity, research of all bad debt (rejected claims), partial payment problems, andcollection procedures), execution on Out Window Scanning (OWS) procedures. Ensures timely andaccurate responses to all audit requests. *Advises store and/or pharmacy management of training needs of pharmacy clerks and pharmacytechnicians. *Uses training guides and other company produced training materials. *Maintains strict adherence to company guidelines related to personal hygiene and DepartmentAppearance Standards. Updated 6/2011 *Adheres to all company policies, procedures, Safety and Sanitation regulations, and individual storeguidelines. *Reports to work when scheduled and on time. *Protects associates and customers by removing potential hazards from the sales floor when possible, ornotifies appropriate personnel in a timely manner. SECONDARY JOB FUNCTIONS: (These are considered occasional in nature) *Returns discarded non-pharmacy merchandise to its proper locations. *Performs other duties as assigned by Pharmacy Manager/Head Pharmacist, Staff Pharmacist, storemanagement or PDM. *Regularly accesses and reviews all company communication and responds in a professional and timelymanner. *In areas outside of the pharmacy, keeps the merchandise clean, stocked and properly displayed. *Capable of participating in the District and Divisional Training Programs for new technicians andpharmacists. *Participates in special projects and programs within the store, District, and Division. SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: *Trains, coaches, guides, coordinates and directs all pharmacy support personnel and Pharmacy Interns(both graduate and undergraduate) as requested by Pharmacy Management. *Educates Pharmacy Interns on the role of technicians in our pharmacy operation. *Encourages or ensures (where required by law) technicians to achieve technician certification status. *Provides informal feedback on daily performance of pharmacy support personnel, as well as providingfeedback to the Pharmacy Manager/Head Pharmacist for performance appraisals. *Assists with the development of a schedule for pharmacy support staff with input concerning seasonalvariations, daily pharmacy demands, etc. *Directs pharmacy support staff to provide customers with quality service; follows through, as legallyallowable; sets service standards and serves as role model for store crew and all pharmacy personnel. SKILLS AND ABILITIES REQUIRED TO PERFORM JOB: (Physical demands outlined on attached PAR sheet) *Must meet all state laws and regulations. *The ability to read, understand and interpret technical written data. *Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. *Successfully completed company sponsored Technician Development Program I and II courses and passedTechnician Development Program I and II examinations. *Successfully completed Pharmacy Profitability Course and passed the Pharmacy Profitability Exam. *Successfully pass the technician specialist examination. *Must have minimum one year pharmacy experience. *Must have at least a 4 rating on most recent performance appraisal. *Must be able to work in a pharmacy with a high volume of prescription activity. *Must maintain continuing education requirements for technician certification. *Must maintain Pharmacy Technician licensing requirements where required by law. *Ability to do simple addition, subtraction, copying figures, counting, and recording. *Possess the ability to understand and follow written, verbal or demonstrated instructions; write identifyinginformation; request supplies orally or in writing. *Visual requirements include clarity of vision at a distance of more than 20 inches and less than 20 feet withcolor vision, depth perception and field of vision. *Must be able to work shifts varying in length and time, including nights, weekends and holidays. WORKING CONDITIONS: Updated 6/2011 The duties for this position are normally conducted in a store environment. There is significant responsibility to maintain customer service levels and handle multiple priorities. The position is occasionally exposed to dust, cleaning chemicals, and equipment movement hazards. This is a fast paced work environment where stressful situations are encountered. EQUIPMENT USED TO PERFORM JOB: Computer, printer, fax machine, copy machine trash and cardboard compactors, intercom, step ladder, pharmacy automation such as Kirby Lester counting tools and Parata robotics. CONTACTS: Has daily contact with co workers, suppliers/vendors and customers. Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled