Xanterra Leisure Holding, LLC Location Chef, Glacier National Park, Summer 2019 in Glacier National Park, Montana

The location chef is responsible for managing all kitchen functions in assigned location. This includes ordering, payroll, production and sanitation. Seasonal position, May/June - September.

This position includes free room and board in company housing.

  • Perform all duties toward the goal of providing excellent guest service in an efficient manner.

  • Establish and maintain the overall tone of the BOH operation by communicating expectations to your area supervisors and line employees.

  • Establish and maintain open lines of communication with the other members of the Food & Beverage team and with each supervisor within the BOH operation and the hourly employees.

  • Establish and maintain an on-going communication with management.

  • Meet and exceed budgetary goals by:

  • Maximizing sales.

  • Control labor cost by immediately reacting to business levels; don’t wait to the end of the week.

  • Control food cost by minimizing waste, controlling and utilizing over production, and controlling portion sizes to set specifications.

  • Maintain an adequate par of expendable goods to ensure that your employees have the proper tools to do their jobs.

  • Perform a physical count of all food and beverage items at the end of each fiscal period and mid period if directed. Ensure information is correctly entered and reviewed.

  • Maintain and enforce established Xanterra standards of sanitation throughout the BOH operation. Ensure that weekly cleaning schedules are adhered to, as well as SOPs and documents to support those SOPs.

  • Ensure that all food handlers know and follow the food specifications for plating any menu items as well as the standardized recipes for producing the same.

  • Ensure that adequate pars of inventory items are maintained, adjusted and reacted to as business levels change.

  • Direct your Employee Dining Room Operation to ensure that production records are completed, adjusted and reacted to as guest levels change. Minimize menu shortages and over production in this area.

  • Ensure that menu specifications are posted appropriately in line production areas before major arrival. Commit specifications to memory.

  • Ensure that prep sheets and line set up sheets are posted and used daily. Make sure they are filled out at the end of each shift.

  • Be on the floor to observe, monitor and follow-up in all areas of the BOH operation on a daily basis.

  • Ensure that BOH schedules are costed and submitted to the F&B Support Staff for approval prior to posting.

  • Ensure that a BOH Manager is present at each service briefing to present the du jour items and features for that meal period and answer any questions from the staff.

  • Ensure that all stations are adequately supplied with production needs to serve for any meal period. Ensure the quality as well as the quantity.

  • Accept responsibility for your BOH operations to be in complete readiness to open punctually for every meal period and serve every menu item for the length of that period.

  • Make sure that no employee goes into a job untrained. Generate HIGs in a timely manner.

  • Make sure that every employee checks out with a manager before they depart a shift.

  • Maintain and project a professional attitude regarding your operation. This involves how you dress (enforce the same dress code as for line employees); how you treat your employees, consistent, firm but fair method; how you carry yourself, both on and off duty; how you react to crises in stressful situations and how you refer to our guests.

  • Lead by example.

  • React immediately to guest complaints on location and inform the F&B support office of your actions.

  • Be prepared to take risks when making decisions. Weigh out all factors, contact appropriate resources to make an informal decision. Evaluate the outcome and make more decisions that positively effect the operation and the Company.

  • Follow and enforce Company and departmental environmental practices to minimize wasted energy and resources.

  • Follow and enforce Company and departmental safety practices to minimize risks to self and others.

  • Follow and enforce Company and departmental policies and procedures.

  • Working knowledge of all BOH positions supervised.

  • Working knowledge of all equipment used within the BOH operation.

  • Working knowledge of administrative duties, production records, inventories, scheduling, purchasing and receiving.

  • Ability to organize and prioritize daily "action lists" that are delegated out to responsible managers with specific time lines.

  • Ability to communicate in a positive and efficient manner, the expectations of your managers and hold these individuals accountable for their areas of responsibility.

  • Ability to motivate, teach and direct employees to accomplish the desired goals.

  • Culinary Degree or ACF Chef de Cuisine Certification desired.

  • Managers Food Handlers ServSafe Certificate.

Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to stand for extended periods of time, approximately 6 hours.

  • Must be able to walk for extended periods of time, variable.

  • Must be able to sit for extended periods of time, approximately 8 hours.

  • Must be able to lift and carry a minimum of 50 pounds.

  • Must be able to reach, bend, stretch, and reach for extended periods of time.

Requisition ID: 2018-16560

External Company Name: Xanterra Leisure Holding, LLC

External Company URL: www.xanterra.com

Street: Glacier National Park