State of Montana Administrative Officer - State Liaison (51060) in Glendive, Montana

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Job Overview: The position of State Liaison is required by the federal Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) for all state operated facilities. This position monitors the state service contract for compliance and will advocate for the veterans and/or their spouses. In addition, the position is responsible for ensuring the proper maintenance of the state owned Eastern Montana Veterans Home (EMVH) building and equipment. This position is responsible for ensuring compliance of the contractor for all provisions of the DPHHS service contract and the successful operation of EMVH.

Major Duties or Responsibilities:

Contract Development and Monitoring

  • Monitors the execution of the DPHHS state service contract with a private vendor to ensure compliance with the contract and compliance with state and federal licensing requirements for nursing home using knowledge of DVA Nursing Home Standards, Medicaid/Medicare Regulations and general nursing home operations and administration.

  • Develops the Request For Proposal (RFP) to operate EMVH and manages the RFP Provider selection process; participates in negotiations with the contractor and develops the contract to provide services; continuously monitors the execution of the state contract to ensure the contractor is in compliance with the contractual requirements by observing services provided, reviewing policies and procedures, and meeting with clients and nursing home staff.

  • Monitors the operations of the facility to insure that it is operating in compliance with federal DVA, Medicaid and Medicare requirements to ensure licensure and reimbursement.

  • Attends various patients care and facility plan meetings to ensure contract compliance. Meets at least weekly with the contractor’s nursing home administrator to exchange information, identify issues and suggest changes or modifications to practices, policies and/or guidelines that will improve services at EMVH.

  • Assists the contractor in marketing the EMVH, and maintaining an acceptable occupancy level of eligible veterans or their spouses.

Building and Equipment Maintenance:

  • Responsible for inventorying, maintenance and replacement of all equipment purchased under the Contract with the state and federal funds.

  • Responsible for the maintenance and up keep of the EMVH facility, inspections and review of fire, life and safety inspection reports conducted on the facility.

  • Meets with the contractor maintenance personnel to resolve problems and ensure needed deficiencies or repairs are corrected. In cooperation with the contractor, DPHHS Facilities Service Manager and the state Architecture and Engineering Division (A&E), develops and implements a short and long-range plan to improve and enhance the physical plant environment.

  • Monitors all remodeling and construction projects at EMVH in order to ensure the projects are of the highest quality possible, consistent with the mission of EMVH and consistent with the specifications and appropriations approved by the legislature.

  • Responsible for a maintenance and repair budget of $82,000 to appropriately maintain the facility and prevent unnecessary costs for maintenance and repairs.

Finances and Budgeting :

  • Manages a variety of financial and budgeting activities associated with the contract and operation and maintenance of the facility.

  • Reviews contractor’s budget information to verify the cost per client day charges under the state contract and reviews financial information to verify and justify any increase in cost per day requested by the contractor.

  • Assists in review and analysis of the annual financial and program audit of the facility, and makes recommendations to the SLTC Administrator and the Nursing Facility Services Bureau Chief.

  • Approves tracks and reports all direct expenditures of state funds associated with the operation and maintenance of EMVH, assuring that expenditures remain within the levels appropriated by the Montana Legislature.

  • Reviews, approves, submits and tracks monthly DVA reimbursement claims forms submitted by the contractor for DVA client reimbursement.

Veterans Organizations Relations

  • Maintains liaison with Department of Veterans Affairs, The National Association of State Veterans Home Administrators (NASVHA) the Montana Veterans Affairs Division (MVAD) and Montana’s veterans service organizations: American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Disabled American Veteran.

  • Acts as the SLTC liaison with the federal VA and Montana Veterans Affairs Division for issues relating to the operation of EMVH.

  • Gathers information on operation of other state homes nationwide, maintains liaison with NASVHA and provides information to that association as requested.

  • Provides information to the DVA or DPHHS as requested for congressional consideration in modifying the federal reimbursement rates providing information on programs by correspondence and through individual meetings and presentations to district and state veterans conventions.

Physical and Environmental Demands:

Typical office environment. Travel: 5%.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (Behaviors): Required for thefirst day of work:

Required for thefirst day of work:

  • Knowledge of veterans benefits and veterans service organization

  • Knowledge of building maintenance and construction practices

  • Knowledge of the Competitive bidding practices

  • Knowledge of contract development and administration

  • Knowledge of DVA requirements for reimbursement

  • Knowledge of nursing home services and administration

  • Knowledge of Medicaid/Medicare licensing requirements and inspection criteria

  • Skill in using personal computer, including simple word processing and spreadsheet applications

  • Ability to multi-task

  • Ability to maintain composure under stressful situations

  • Ability to confront policy, regulation violations with contractors, employees, volunteers, residents

  • Ability to promote a positive attitude

Required Minimum Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business or Public Administration, Nursing, Human Services, or a related field.

  • 3 to 4 years job-related work experience including contract management.

  • Experience working in a nursing home or other health care service setting is desirable.

  • Nursing Home Administrator’s license, or the ability to obtain one, is preferred, but not required

Job: *Business/Analyst/Statistics

Title: Administrative Officer - State Liaison (51060)

Location: Glendive

Requisition ID: 18142879