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CASCADE COUNTY Building Maintenance Division Superinten in GREAT FALLS, Montana

Education/Experience/Training: --Associates Degree in Business Management, Engineering, Facilities Management, Construction Engineering or related field and one (1) year of supervisory experience. --Or two (2) years equivalent combination of education, experience and training relevant to the position, and one (1) year of supervisory experience. Certifications: --Valid Driver's License issued by the State of Montana. --Low Pressure Boiler Engineer License preferred or the ability to be certified within two (2) years of date of hire. *Sheriff's Office/Adult Detention Center and Juvenile Detention Center Employment Statement: --Any individual with a felony conviction, a domestic violence conviction or outstanding warrants is ineligible for consideration for employment due to the conditions that must be met necessary to work at the Cascade County Sheriff's Office/Adult Detention Center and Juvenile Detention Center. Other types of convictions will be reviewed and employment will be considered on a case-by-case basis. --Any instance that results in the employee losing their security clearance to work in the Cascade County Sheriff's Office/Adult Detention Center and the Juvenile Detention Center may cause the employee to face immediate termination. *JOB SUMMARY The Building Maintenance Division Superintendent (Superintendent) directs, manages, supervises and coordinates the activities, operations and personnel of the Building Maintenance Division (Division) within the Public Works Department (PW). The Superintendent is responsible for supervising, overseeing and directing the day-to-day activities of the Custodians, Painter and Carpenter in the performance of their respective duties and responsibilities carrying out and addressing major, minor and preventative maintenance, upkeep and repair of the physical structure, electrical, heating, cooling and plumbing systems, grounds keeping, snow removal and outdoor maintenance, building security and custodial duties, building renovation/remodeling and event set-up and tear down at, on and in County facilities/property. The Superintendent coordinates assigned tasks/projects with other County departments/offices and the PW Director, monitors budgetary expenditures, exercises limited purchasing authority, performs various administrative functions and other duties as required or assigned. *ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES The Superintendent supervises, plans, coordinates and directs the work and activities of the Division and makes recommendations and participates with PW Director in personnel decisions, including hiring, firing, training, discipline, performance evaluations and scheduling of work, advises PW Director on various operational and personnel matters within the Division and makes recommendations for improvement and implements programs, standards and procedures, creates and maintains a high-performance environment characterized by positive leadership and strong team orientation, maintains a leadership role in managing and motivating all Division personnel, works to resolve workplace grievances and issues as appropriate, ensures professional and effective communication between maintenance personnel and management, maintains, updates and approves electronic timecard and related records of and for Division personnel, maximizes use of computer programs to improve efficiency and management of Division operations, with good basic computer knowledge and skills, provides technical assistance and support to Division personnel as required, coordinates and inspects, repairs and maintains the electrical, plumbing, mechanical and other related systems in all County buildings, coordinates and inspects, operates and maintains the heating, cooling and ventilation systems (including boiler system) in all County buildings, coordinates and inspects major contract work on the electrical, plumbing, mechanical and other related systems in all County buildings, prepares prel minary time and material cost estimates on proposed projects, monitors building maintenance projects for completion and to ensure compliance with contracts, reads and interprets specifications, plans and blueprints for construction and remodeling projects and makes recommendations prior to and during construction, responds to calls during emergency situations, evaluating building damage and taking necessary and precautionary steps to protect and preserve County property, monitors Division operating budget, overtime and parts/labor contracts and meets and complies with budgetary guidelines, maintains knowledge of labor contract provisions and ensures compliance with such provisions relative to work assignments, schedules, discipline, wages, absence control policy, etc., develops, maintains, and updates various departmental standard operating procedures and policies, maintains an organized, safe and health work environment, ensuring strict compliance with all safety, security, cleanliness, environmental, and HAZMAT/OSHA regulations, ensures compliance with all applicable safety, health and quality standards in and on County buildings/property, develops plans and schedules to meet unexpected situations and new developments, communicates with personnel throughout the County to coordinate activities and resolve problems, responds to complaints regarding Division deficiencies and develops plans for correction, implements quality control reporting methods, prepares and maintains appropriate daily and monthly maintenance reports and records, works on-call, evening, weekend and holiday hours as required or assigned, performs other related duties as assigned or required. *Knowledge and understanding of: Supervisory techniques, principles and practices; Cascade County Operations Manual and Human Resources policies and procedures and related state and federal statutes; major, minor and preventative maintenance methods, techniques and standards; current safety procedures, practices and inspection methods and practices; construction and estimating practices and labor and material costs; equipment, tools and methods/procedures used in the repair and maintenance of electrical, plumbing and mechanical units; equipment, tools and methods/procedures used in the repairs and maintenance of heating, cooling and ventilation equipment; equipment, tools and methods/ procedures used in grounds keeping/outdoor maintenance; facility maintenance management practices, procedures and standards; effective concepts and methods of organizing and managing facility maintenance operations; English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation; automated computer systems, basic computer use and data entry; labor contract provisions and compliance. **Ability to: Plan, organize, and direct comprehensive projects within the Division; plan, organize, prioritize, supervise and evaluate the work of professional, para-professionals and clerical workers to meet divisional goals and community needs; perform a wide variety of supervisory and public relations tasks with accuracy and speed under the pressure of time-sensitive deadlines; establish effective working relationships with the PW Director, other county departments, employees, State, Local, and Private agencies and the general public; communicate professionally and effectively with others in both technical and non-technical terms, as well as orally and in writing; prepare accurate and reliable reports containing findings, recommendations and technical documentation; exercise considerable initiative and sound judgment; maintain effective communication with all levels of management and labor; evaluate resources and personnel needs; organize tasks and work environment to maximize efficiency; use logical and creative thought processes to develop solutions according to written specifications and/or oral instructions; quickly learn and put to use new skills and knowledge brought about by rapidly changing information and