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Job Information

Local Bounti Plant Engineer in Hamilton, Montana

Plant Engineer

at Local Bounti Corporation

Reports to: VP of Engineering

Location: At Facility. Positions available in Hamilton, MT and Pasco, WA

Job Overview:

The Plant Engineer is responsible for overseeing the electrical mechanical and control systems for Local Bounti’s innovative hybrid controlled environment agriculture (CEA) facility. Each facility includes innovated vertical farming technology, greenhouses, hydroponic systems, and produce harvesting and packaging facilities. The facility is designed and built to meet the user requirements from Local Bounti’s experienced growing and operations team. These requirements set the optimal growing environment including lighting, fertigation, humidity, CO2 and other key criteria in the Local Bounti’s staged growing environment. The Plant Engineer will work with the site maintenance and operations teams to monitor the performance of, troubleshoot, and repair facility electrical, mechanical and control systems. The responsibility includes improving the facility’s efficiency, upgrade to new technologies, repair equipment, increase production, and reduce manufacturing issues including de-bottlenecking. Performance of routine tests, evaluatation plant machinery, and fixing problems promptly is required. Plant Engineers may assist in new facility development including electrical, mechanical, environmental and layout development with procured engineered systems and products. Work involves the handling of technical duties where decisions are made within the limits of general practices and standards and where supervision is available to handle unusual situations. Work also involves occasional instruction and training of a small group of employees.


  • Provides technical assistance on problems in maintenance and operational areas

  • Evaluates facility improvement technically and financially

  • Prepares specifications for bids, evaluates bids, and make recommendations

  • Estimates labor and material requirements for engineering construction projects

  • Evaluates and specifies electrical and mechanical systems and sub-systems

  • Monitors and adheres to recommended safety requirements

  • Establishes a course of action to accomplish completion of the job and/or project

  • Coordinates input from internal/external customers to better understand customer needs and/or perceptions

  • Keeps abreast of current product developments and trends in areas of expertise

  • Actively identifies new areas for learning and takes advantage of learning opportunities

  • Other duties, as assigned


  • Bachelor's degree in chemical, electrical or mechanical engineering or equivalent

  • Ability to read and understand designs and schematics

  • Mechanical skills – plant engineers work with all machinery and any robotics used in the manufacturing process to check that they’re working to peak efficiency and maximum safety, so mechanical skills are a must

  • Dexterity – plant engineers work with tools and machinery on a daily basis, so dexterity is vital to ensuring tasks are carried out safely and efficiently

  • Problem-solving skills – as mechanical issues arise, plant engineers need to identify ways to resolve them as quickly as possible, so problem-solving and troubleshooting skills are advantageous

  • Attention to detail – a key part of this job is to spot any problems with machinery and to identify processes that can be improved to benefit the organization and the safety of the team, so applicants for this job should be detail-oriented

  • Teamwork – plant engineers work closely with other members of the team, so it’s important that they have interpersonal skills and the ability to remain professional at all times

  • Knowledge of building codes and construction techniques

  • High level of analytical ability where problems are complex

About Local Bounti:

Local Bounti is a leading controlled environment agriculture (CEA) company. Our mission is to bring our farm to your kitchen and deliver the freshest, locally grown produce in the fewest food miles possible.

By growing local and minimizing the distance between farm and plate, Local Bounti helps eliminate food waste and provides fresh, high-quality produce to areas of the country over 1,000 miles from their current source. Our sustainable greenhouse technology delivers ideal growing conditions for each of our diverse selection of crops, resulting in 90% less water consumption and 95% less land use than conventional agriculture, no need for herbicides or pesticides, and the lowest carbon footprint in the industry. We provide an interactive, educational, and safe work environment and are dedicated to helping our employees grow within the company. Local Bounti is committed to fully integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives in all our business activities.