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City of Havre Firefighter/EMT in Havre, Montana

JOB CHARACTERISTICS:Nature of Work: This position performs limited technical duties requiring ability to operate fire and medical equipment. Position may work in adverse weather and physical conditions. Hazards of position include possible exposure to fire, explosions, collapsing structures, infectious diseases, smoke inhalation, and driving in hazardous conditions. Requires adherence to safety practices. Position works 24-hour shifts and is subject to callbacks. Deals with stress. Personal Contacts: Daily contact with department employees; frequent contact with the public during fires, emergencies, patient transport, and to provide education. Supervision Received: Position receives work assignments from the Captain on duty.Essential Functions: Position requires ability to communicate orally and in writing, operate equipment and apparatus, drive a vehicle, walk over uneven ground, climb ladders, lift and carry or assist adult weight, perform medical emergency procedures, visually inspect areas, hear distress calls, operate radios and office equipment.AREAS OF JOB ACCOUNTABILITY AND PERFORMANCE: • Performs fire-fighting duties at the scene of a fire. Operates pumps (under 500 gpm), and auxiliary equipment; lays and connects hose; maneuvers nozzles and directs fire streams; raises and climbs ladders; uses extinguisher, axes, bars, hooks and other equipment.• Ventilates burning buildings by opening windows and skylights or by cutting holes in roof or floors. Removes persons from danger and administers first aid. Performs salvage operations by placing salvage covers, sweeping water, and removing debris.• Drives and operates motor-driven equipment under special instruction and limited conditions. Cleans and services the assigned apparatus; keeps it ready for calls, reports mechanical failures or difficulties to the proper person and helps the department mechanic make minor apparatus repairs.• Attends fire-training sessions for instruction in all aspects of fire fighting.• Responds to medical ambulance calls; drives ambulance or is ambulance attendant; uses the Jaws of Life when needed; renders aid. Uses tools and procedures to extricate victims; conducts examinations to determine the extent of illness or injury; stabilizes and cares for victims before taking to a hospital. Uses proper methods of moving victims to the ambulance.• Transports victims safely to the hospital while taking proper care of them. • Maintains proper control over the accident scene until police arrive.• Follows all rules, regulations, policies and SOP's of the Fire Department.• Keeps accurate records and writes reports.• Performs assigned housekeeping duties at the fire station.• Performs other related duties as required.JOB REQUIREMENTS:Knowledge: This position requires knowledge of first aid and emergency medical procedures; knowledge of operation and maintenance of modern fire suppression equipment and apparatus; knowledge of fire fighting techniques; working knowledge of departmental procedures and regulations; working knowledge of building construction, electricity, explosives, hazardous chemicals, liquids, gasses and combustion qualities of materials.Skills: This position requires skills in the use of all fire fighting tools, apparatus, and equipment; skills in use of medical equipment and performing medical procedures and drives Rural fire apparatus and ambulances.Abilities: This position requires the ability to: recognize diagnostic signs and symptoms; care for patient; make quick decisions and react calmly in emergencies; exercise sound judgement; climb ladders; walk on uneven ground; lift and carry or assist adult weight; visually inspect areas; hear distress calls; communicate effectively orally and in writing; follow and give verbal and written instructions; operate a computer; establish effective working relationships with fellow employees, supervisors, and the public. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE:The above knowledge, skills, and abilities are typically acquired through a combination of education and experience equivalent to:• A High School diploma or GED Equivalent.• Must have current EMT certification - Nationally & State Certified.• Must have passed all required manuals for fire fighting and service.• Must possess a valid state of Montana driver's license.• Must have 30 hours of fire fighting training before interior attack.JOB PERFORMANCE STANDARDS:Evaluation of this position will be based primarily upon performance of the preceding requirements and duties. Examples of job performance criteria include, but are not limited to, the following:• Performs assigned duties.• Effectively performs fire-fighting duties at the scene of a fire.• Competently operates pumps (under 500 gpm), and auxiliary equipment.• Competently performs salvage operations.• Competently performs medical emergency procedures and stabilizes patient.• Cleans and services apparatus to ensure good working order.• Competently drives fire and ambulance vehicles as needed.• Promptly and effectively responds to alarms.• Accurately provides public information.• Obeys department rules and regulations, policies and SOP's.• Follows safety procedures and practices.• Maintains current knowledge of firefighting and emergency procedures and techniques.• Maintains accurate and timely records.• Prepares and submits accurate and timely reports.• Deals tactfully and courteously with the public.• Observes work hours.• Demonstrates punctuality.• Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with fellow employees, supervisors and the public.