Benefis Health Systems Home Health Physical Therapist (Registry) in Havre, Montana

Job Description

Evaluates plans and administers comprehensive physical therapy modalities/regimens to patients in their place of residence for the purpose of developing and restoring function through rehabilitative physical therapy as prescribed by a physician.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Performs accurate and comprehensive assessments, including completing a comprehensive OASIS Assessment when applicable. Assesses homebound status of client. Document detailed reason for being homebound on initial assessment. If reason for status changes throughout treatment plan, update homebound status upon change in status Obtains physician orders for certification and recertification of home physical therapy services. Ensures that changes in patients’ clinical status are communicated to other healthcare team members and Agency office staff verbally and in writing in a timely manner. Ensures that physician orders are communicated to other healthcare team members and Agency staff in a timely, accurate, and thorough manner. Coordinates care planning and delivery with the physician, patient and family/caregivers, other healthcare team members and Agency staff to facilitate optimal patient outcomes. Educates patients, their families/caregivers and other staff as appropriate, in appropriate physical therapy modalities. Delivers physical therapy modalities appropriate to the patient’s clinical status and needs and in accordance with the standard of care for patient’s age. Provides, modifies or discontinues physical therapy modalities based upon an ongoing assessment/reassessment of the patient’s clinical status and in accordance with physician orders. Assesses the patient for the need for durable medical equipment as well as other adaptive equipment needs. Develops appropriate home exercise programs tailored to the patient’s clinical status, needs and age. Synthesizes data from the physical examination and analyzes data to make clinical judgments regarding patient management. Able to appropriately assess and reassess a patient’s pain, utilizing standardized pain assessment tool. Utilizes appropriate pain management modalities that include, but are not limited to, physical therapy modalities. Educates the patient and/or caregiver in effective pain management modalities. Provides physical therapy modalities in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health care errors. Identifies risk of injuries or threats to life and health in the patient’s environment, i.e., environmental/safety/mobility risks and implements appropriate interventions to reduce those risks. Addresses and supports cultural practices providing such practices do not harm the patient or others, and do not interfere with the planned course of physical therapy. Performs transfer and discharge planning functions in accordance with Agency policy and applicable laws, regulations and standards. Participates in the organization’s information management program. The physical therapist will see 5 to 6 clients per day as a measure of productivity. Start of care/Resumption of care/Recertification or other follow up assessments counts as 1.5 visits All other OASIS assessments count as 1 visit (presuming a visit is completed) 1)Discharge OASIS,2) Transfer, 3)Death at home Mileage of 60 cummulative miles counts as one visit Daily visits count as 1 visit The physical therapist will be responsible for all components of the home health paperwork. This paperwork will need to be completed in a timely manner. Daily notes are to be transmitted within 24 hours of the visit. OASIS assessments need to be completed and transmitted in within 48 hours. The paperwork will need to be accurate and reflect the treatment modalities, and the client’s response to the prescribed treatment. Accurate paperwork will be described as five percent or less error margin. Paperwork includes but may not be limited to;OASIS assessments, Daily notes, Sixty day summaries, Case conference documentation, Interim orders, Discharge summaries, Medication profiles, Therapy narrative notes Adheres to all applicable laws, regulations and standards. Completes and submits necessary documentation in accordance with Agency policy and applicable regulations. Submits verification of completed visits in accordance with Agency policy. Participates in interdisciplinary team conferences in accordance with Agency policy. Maintains current knowledge of community resources. Identifies and accesses appropriate external and internal resources to meet patient and/or family needs and to facilitate optimal patient outcomes while home care services are being provided, and for transfer and discharge processes. Demonstrates the ability to deal with pressure to meet deadlines, to be accurate, and to handle constantly changing situations. Demonstrates the ability to deal with a variety of people, deal with stressful situations, and handle conflict.


Education/Experience Requirements:

Current valid state Physical Therapy license

Graduate of an accredited physical therapy curriculum/school

For Medicare certified agencies: Graduate of a physical therapy curriculum approved by The American Physical Therapy Association, or The Committee on Allied Health Education and Accreditation of the American Medical Association, or The Council on Medical Education of the American Medical Association and the American Physical Therapy Association; or,

Has graduated from a physical therapy curriculum in a four (4) year college or university approved by a State department of education; or Two (2) years of appropriate work experience as a Physical Therapist, and has achieved a satisfactory grade on a proficiency examination conducted, approved, or sponsored by the US Public Health Service except for those individuals initially licensed by a state or seeking qualification as a physical therapist after December 31, 1977; or Was licensed or registered prior to January 1, 1966, and prior to January 1, 1970 had 15 years of full-time physical therapy practice experience under the order and direction of attending or referring doctors of medicine or osteopathy; or,

Two (2) years of work experience.

Prior home health experience preferred.

Current CPR card.

Valid state driver’s license and reliable automobile.

About Us

Community Information: Great Falls has a city population of 60,000, with a draw of over 275,000 people in north central Montana. We experience mild winters and enjoy blue skies over 300 days per year. Great Falls is a wonderful and safe place to raise a family, with nationally ranked public schools and an average commute of under 12 minutes, making the quality of life in Great Falls unsurpassed in the Rocky Mountain West. Additionally, the Missouri River, a blue-ribbon fly-fishing destination, runs through the middle of town. Outdoor activities include camping, hiking, horseback riding, water and snow skiing, rock and ice climbing, boating, whitewater kayaking, off-road motorsports, upland bird and waterfowl hunting, and big-game hunting.

Benefis Health System: This is your opportunity to be part of an exceptional health system in a state that is well known for its beautiful four seasons and outdoor lifestyle. While enjoying the last best place, you’ll have the added benefit of having access to Benefis Health System, one of the state’s most modern and progressive healthcare facilities with 500+ beds and over 270 employed medical staff members representing more than 40 specialties. Our state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technologies make Benefis an exceptional working environment and one of the “150 Top Places to Work in Healthcare” five years in a row.

Date Posted: 18-10-2017

Job Family: PROF

Location: Havre, Montana