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District 4 HRDC Shelter Manager/Volunteer Coordinator in Havre, Montana

POSITION SUMMARY: Coordinates and supervises Crisis Line Volunteers, responsible for shelter upkeep and management activities, and serves on call as part of staff rotation. Responsible for shelter donations and the donation room. Provides assistance and advocacy to victims of domestic and sexual violence to ensure victims safety.


1. Recruit, screen, select, and schedule volunteers on the monthly calendar.
2. Distribute the monthly on call calendar to volunteers, answering service, Police Department, and Sheriff’s Office 10 days before the upcoming month.
3. Conduct a training program on domestic and sexual violence, stalking, and suicide including pre-service, in-service, and on-the-job training for volunteers.
4. Gather and distribute updated information from advocate trainings and webinars to volunteers on a quarterly basis.
5. Provide ongoing supervision, support, feedback, and other non-monetary rewards for volunteers.
6. Institute systematic measures to retain needed volunteers, to reduce volunteer “burnout,” and to transfer or terminate ineffective volunteers.
7. Maintain recording and filing system for volunteer program. Keep records of signed volunteer calendars.
8. Conduct monthly outreach to gain new volunteers for the Crisis Line and update Director on progress.
9. Communicate with the answering service and law enforcement agencies regarding any changes to the on-call schedule.
10. Serve on-call on the crisis line as part of the staff schedule rotation.
11. Be available via cell phone for 24 hour Crisis Line Services.
12. Advocate for a maximum of 3-5 clients per month.
13. Keep accurate monthly reports of In-Kind hours and send to Fiscal Officer and Director by the 1st of each month.
14. Keep accurate monthly reports on number of days and meals provided to shelter clients and amount spent on groceries for non-shelter clients and give report to director.
15. Go to the shelter daily, complete the daily shelter check list, review shelter cameras daily and give the check list to the Director to review weekly.
16. In charge of shelter upkeep and operations (repairs, cleaning, and keeping shelter grounds maintained). Staff with supervisor before purchasing for shelter.
17. Process and track all donated items and send thank you cards to donors. Use volunteers when available.
18. In charge of maintaining upkeep of the donation room.
19. Make orders monthly from the Montana Food Bank and stock pantry shelves at the shelter.


1. Attend trainings, as needed, related to issues of domestic and sexual violence and volunteer management.
2. Assist primary and secondary victims of domestic and sexual abuse by providing emotional support, safety planning, referrals, and education.
3. Assist victims of domestic violence by: a. Following their court case and keeping them apprised of court dates and procedures. b. Assisting with filling out and filing victim’s compensation claims. c. Advocating safety for victims and their children. d. Educating victims about the dynamics of domestic violence.
4. Assist with filling out Orders of Protection, filing them, attend hearings, and ensuring service of the Orders of Protection.
5. Collaborate with Tribal domestic violence programs and criminal justice system to ensure the safest and most effective services for Native American victims.
6. Collaborate daily with judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, tribal agencies, CPS, and mental health professionals to provide comprehensive services for victims.
7. Take evidence photos when necessary and be informed about evidence gathering protocol.
8. Respond to victims of rape and domestic violence at the hospital, emergency room, police station, or sheriff’s office as requested by hospital and law enforcement staff.
9. Be familiar with all staff responsibilities and be willing to fill in as needed.
10. Be able to diffuse potentially volatile situations.
11. Travel is required for transporting victims and attending trainings. Willingness and ability to use own vehicle as necessary.
12. Perform additional duties as assigned by the immediate supervisor.


1. Must attend Basic Advocacy Training within the first 6 months of employment.
2. Must attend the Montana Victim Advocate Academy Training within the first year of employment. (Level II Grade 14 and a starting wage of $15.86 will be received when all training listed is complete)
3. Maintain confidentiality of client identity at all times.
4. High School Diploma or equivalent (GED/HSE)
5. 2 years’ experience with Domestic Violence or providing social services.
6. Must possess a valid Montana driver’s license and vehicle liability insurance, must have a good driving record and meet insurability requirements for agency automobile insurance policy.