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State of Montana Budget Analyst in Helena, Montana

TITLE: Budget Analyst STATUS: Permanent, Full-time ANNUAL SALARY: $70,929.61 CLOSING DATE: May 23, 2021 REQUIRED SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONS: Yes POSITION NO: 351-66098 DEPARTMENT: Office of Public Instruction UNIT: Department of Operations LOCATION: Helena, Montana RETIREMENT: PERS UNION: MFPE VEBA: Yes, if you are retirement Eligible ADDITIONAL SALARY AND BENEFIT INFORMATION: This is a Public Employee Retirement position. Full-time employees earn 15 vacation days, 12 sick days, state holidays, health and dental benefits and life insurance. They also receive access to a defined benefit - contribution retirement. More information can be found at INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLYING: *_Only_the information you submit on your attached resume and supplemental questions will be reviewed to determine if you meet the qualifications. The State of Montana Careers system application will not be considered in this process. * To apply for this position, you must_attach_the required resume and supplemental questions as separate documents. _Supplemental questions located at the bottom of this job announcement are required. _ Materials not requested in this vacancy announcement will not be considered. _(Example: Transcripts and Letters of Reference)_Required materials must be received or postmarked by midnight (Mountain Time Zone) on the closing date in order to be considered. * *Your resume_must include_the following information: * Education * All relevant work history, listing employment in chronological order in a month/year format with the most recent job first. * Supervisor’s name and phone number for each job. * Detailed description of the duties for_each_job, including hours per week, and the reason why you separated. Applicants claiming employment preference are required to submit proper documentation toopipersonnel@mt.govin order to receive any preferences. If you indicate your preference status while completing your application process, the system will generate an e-mail with instructions on how to submit the required preference documents. Procedures to be used in evaluating an applicant’s qualifications may include, but not limited to, a resume, supplemental questions, an oral interview, skills-based testing, and reference checks. If accommodation for disability is needed during the application or interview processes, please contact the OPI Human Resource Office at (406) 444-2673 The Montana Office of Public Instruction is an equal opportunity employer. Women (and/or) minorities are under-represented in this position and are encouraged to apply. Applicants must be eligible to work in the United States. GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: * *1. Prepare and Analyze Agency Budget A. Gather, evaluate, and analyze data to prepare the Agency's $2 billion dollar biennial operating budget using guidelines from the Executive Team, Centralized Services Administrator, OBPP, federal and state regulations and procedures, Governmental Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards (GAFR), and agency goals and objectives. In addition, independent research of each program's complicated budget detail requires that the budget analyst have a thorough understanding and knowledge of each program's functions. B. Assimilate, balance, and transmit all budget information utilizing the Montana Budget Analysis and Reporting System (IBARS) in a timely and accurate manner. C. Gather information from the appropriate program managers and other governmental resources to respond to inquiries from OBPP and the Legislative Financial Division (LFD) regarding the department's budget request such as explanation of new and existing programs and uses of funding sources. Assimilate the information into the requested format. D. Review OBPP and LFD budget reports to ensure accuracy and consistent interpretation of legislative actions. Follow-up on differences to ensure that actions are implemented correctly. E. Research information needed for the preparation of fiscal notes on proposed legislation having a fiscal impact on the agency. Good judgment and knowledge of program funding is required in determining reasonable assumptions to reach conclusions. F. Provide budget interpretation and analysis of legislative and executive mandates for agency management and program managers. Advise management on the most effective means of implementation while complying with required regulations and procedures. G. Design agency budget structure in terms of SABHRS and IBARS parameters (orgs, project id’s, etc.) to facilitate interface of these two systems. 2. Allocate Annual Operating Budget into Organizational Center and Monitor Spending in Conjunction with the OPI Management Plan A. Must be knowledgeable and proficient in using the IBARS and the State Accounting Budgeting and Human Resource System (SABHRS) to allocate the agency's annual operating budget for two Programs (Program 06-State Level Activities, and Program 09-Local Education Activities) in to SABHRS. B. Develop fiscal policies, procedures, and technical detail required to allocate the budget within legislative intent. C. Identify and understand the statutory restrictions of each funding source so that expenditures can be monitored for compliance. D. Independently research and develop recommendations for administrators of noted problem areas. Provide alternatives and implement appropriate solution. 3. Forecast Revenues, Expenditures, and Cash Balances Many of the agency's revenue estimates are influenced by factors such as economics, and federal legislation. They must be adjusted on a regular basis. A. Monitor and research variances between actual revenues and expenditures and the budgeted amounts B. Prepare analytical comparisons of past and current revenues and expenditures and prepare projections. C. Maintain an analysis for each accounting entity to forecast the effects of projected revenues and expenditures into future biennia. D. Reconcile with SABHRS and fiscal year end fund balances. E. Participate in updating revenue estimates for all funding sources. F. Prepare monthly agency appropriation/cash report using Document Direct/SABHRS. 4. Analyze Program Financial Data A. Initiate requests to modify the agency's operating budget assuring fiscal and legal compliance with legislative intent. B. Coordinate the activity of funding sources. Track the agency's funding sources, which are earmarked for specific purposes resulting in complex restrictions. This position is responsible to assure the legislative intent is maintained. C. Good judgment must be exercised in recommending the use of appropriated spending authority for each division within Program 06-State Level Activities: work with OBPP staff to prepare BCDs; maintain tracking system and prepare required reports to the Legislative Fiscal Division; update allocation schedules to document program transfers, op plan changes, and refunds; assure contracts/grants are in place for all allocations and establish all corresponding modified FTE through the BCD process. D. Maintain agency information in SABHRS as necessary for effective budget management. 5. SABHRS Maintenance A. Establish and maintain SABHRS budgeting controls so that all accounting and budgeting transactions process and correct general ledger reports are generated: establish and maintain budget translate tree and orgs within the agency's structure; assure orgs and projects are set up to accept all appropriate expenditures (current and prior year); assure org and projects are set up to accept all appropriate revenue (current and prior year) B. FYE Duties: update SABHRS translate trees, budget translates, speed charts, accounts, and task profiles to reflect all changes to the agency's org structure; C. Standard Budget Journals: maintain documentation of all processes required to process standard budget journals. Actively work with the SABHRS staff and agency fiscal staff to identify areas of concern and work toward solutions; share information and knowledge with other state agencies. D. Design and implement procedures to perform monthly indirect cost draw from all eligible budgets in program-06 State Level Activities; maintain spreadsheet to track expenditures, the correct indirect cost rate, and any exclusions to the draw. COMPETENCIES: * Extensive knowledge, in-depth experience, and seasoned judgment in diversified management environments consisting of multiple specialty areas, including highly specialized financial systems. * Extensive knowledge of SABHRS, the Executive Planning Process (EPP), IBARS, and the Legislative Budget process. * Thorough knowledge of agency programs and related complex funding structures. * Thorough knowledge of statistical tools and techniques, research methods, data gathering techniques, principles and practices of governmental accounting and budgeting, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), and state and federal laws and regulations. * Ability to analyze and interpret complex financial and administrative information, conceive, plan and conduct management analyses * Ability to research, write reports clearly and effectively. * Ability to explain and defend decisions. * Ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing. * Ability to follow written instructions. * Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with department and other agency personnel. * Advanced working knowledge of Excel and Word * Ability to work independently and to complete tasks under pressures of competing projects and timelines. Ability to make decisions in stressful situations. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: * Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with an accounting emphasis or other closely related field and five years of governmental accounting and/or budgeting experience, with at least two years of direct budgeting experience. * Alternate combinations of education and experience will be considered on a case by case basis SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONS: The supplemental question(s) are scored in a separate phase and are*required*for this vacancy announcement. Supplemental questions are evaluated on their own merit, so you_must_include specific information regarding names of employers, dates, job titles, duties, etc. on_both_your resume and supplemental questions to receive full credit for your qualifications. List the position title and your name at the top of each page. The suggested response is a minimum of ½ a page, but no more than 2 pages per question. *Once you have answered the following supplemental questions, you must upload your responses into the State of Montana recruiting system.* 1. Please provide your educational and work experience as it relates to accounting and/or budgeting. Provide the number of years employed in each relevant position and detailed examples of the types of duties completed. 2. Describe your experience with the following systems. For each system provide the number of years you used the system and provide detailed examples of how you utilized the system for accounting and/or budgeting processes. A. SABHRS B. MBARS/IBARS C. Other accounting/budgeting systems 3. Do you want to be informed before we contact your present employer? Job: Accounting/Finance* *Title: *Budget Analyst * Location: *Helena Requisition ID: 21141064