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State of Montana Executive Director in Helena, Montana

Job Overview:* The Mental Disabilities Board of Visitors (BOV) is an independent board of inquiry and review that is responsible for ensuring that the treatment of all persons either voluntarily or involuntarily admitted to a mental facility in Montana is humane, is consistent with established clinical and other professional standards, and meets the requirements set forth in the state statutes found at 53-20-101, et seq., and 53-21-101, et seq. It does this by: * reviewing all plans for experimental research or hazardous treatment procedures, * inspecting all mental health and residential facilities, * reviewing cases of alleged mistreatment, abuse, and/or neglect, * ensuring that treatment / habilitation plans exist and are being implemented, * assisting people in resolving grievances, and * reporting facility non-compliance with state law to appropriate authorities; and reporting annually to the Governor concerning the status of such facilities. BOV has a six-member Board of Directors (Board), appointed by the Governor, who are responsible for employing and supervising the Executive Director. The Executive Director (ED) is responsible for supervising 2.5 full-time positions including an administrative assistant in Helena and two staff in a legal office at Montana State Hospital which provides legal representation for patients who are civilly committed. The ED position requires in-state travel. *Essential Functions (Major Duties or Responsibilities): This position is responsible for implementing and managing a statewide, unified, integrated program that functions as a whole in advocating for the rights and interests of people who receive mental health services and their families in both inpatient and outpatient settings, and for people receiving services in inpatient State owned and operated developmental disability facilities. The ED works with the Board, staff members, and consultants to periodically inspect every mental health facility in the State and produce a written report of each inspection which must include specific recommendations for improvements that the Board concludes are necessary in order for the inspected facility to meet the requirements of state statutes. The ED is also responsible for assisting any person who is receiving or who has received treatment at a mental health facility, or at a state owned and operated developmental disability facility, in resolving any grievance the person may have concerning the person's admission or course of treatment in the facility, including allegations of abuse and/or neglect. The ED is responsible for supervising 2.5 employees. Competencies: * The ideal candidate will possess: * Knowledge of federal and state laws, policies, mandates, and standards relative to the clinical treatment of persons with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses; federal and state laws and mandates for protection of and advocacy for persons with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses; professional clinical standards of developmental disability and mental health treatment. * Knowledge of public administration,public relations,andgovernment organization, and the state's budgeting andlegislative processes. * Substantial experience in personnel management and supervisory practices, program development, and management of organizations with specific knowledge in strategic planning and quality assurance processes. * Excellent oral and writing skills. * Proven ability to work independently; organize and prioritize responsibilities and maintain organization in a stressful, unpredictable, sometimes hostile environment. * Proven ability to advocate effectively on behalf of clients and family members with mental illnesses or developmental disabilities; and work collaboratively to resolve issues among differing interests and stakeholders, including the abilityto establish rapport and maintain effective communication with a variety of people with differing abilities in an emotionally charged atmosphere. * Working knowledge of the basic principles of conflict resolution, collaborative approaches to problem solving and consensus building, and mediation. *Education and Experience: The above qualifications and competencies are typically acquired through a combination of education and experience equivalent to an advanced degree, plus at least five (5) years of experience working directly with primary consumers of mental health services or developmental disability services. Ideally, an applicant should have at least two (2) years of supervisory experience as well. Other combinations of related education and experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Supplemental Written Questions:* * 1. Please describe any experience you have with mental illness and/or developmental disabilities. Specifically address any advocacy or direct care work experience. 2. A new mental health center in Missoula has been licensed. The BOV Executive Director (you) works with the Board on setting a date six months from now for the first site inspection of this center. You call the CEO of the new center to introduce yourself and to notify her/him of the planned site review. The CEO challenges BOV's authority to come into the center and tells you that it will require a "court order" before she/he allows BOV into her/his program. -- Briefly describe two responses you could give to the CEO. Which one do you think would be the best option - and why? -- What would your ultimate objective be for this situation? 3. BOV is in the first day of a two-day site inspection of an organization providing residential mental health treatment services to children. By the early afternoon of this first day, two of BOV's clinical consultants who are looking at injuries to children in the facility tell you that they have discovered records of 1,340 unexplained injuries to children served by this facility that happened over the past 11 months. -- Briefly describe BOV's authority to take action and possible duties under state law. -- Is there any action you might take prior to the end of the working day? Immediately following the site review? Additional Materials Required:* * * Cover Letter * Current resume or Curriculum Vitae Job: Community/Social Services* *Title: *Executive Director Location: Helena Requisition ID: 21141054