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State of Montana Field Lead Training Specialist 51779 in Helena, Montana

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/ *Women (and/or) minorities may be under-represented in this position and are encouraged to apply. /*

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/When training new CPS staff how you would teach them to create a positive productive work environment with their co-workers, other staff and community professionals?/

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Job Overview: The Field Lead Training Specialist (FLTS) provides mentoring and support to employees with less experience in Child Protective Services. The FLTS provides hands on training that promotes a trauma-informed system to assure safety, permanency, and well-being of children who are at risk of or have been subjected to child maltreatment, facilitates an on-boarding process that is field centric and demonstrates proper work methods. The FLTS provides observations and feedback to the Child Protection Specialist Supervisor (CPSS) for workforce improvements.

Major Duties or Responsibilities:

Lead Responsibilities

  • Collaborates with management and training development specialists to develop and improve employee performance and enhance child welfare system service delivery by establishing training needs, learning objective, and performance goals.

  • Conducts focus groups to analyze training needs.

  • Reviews work as needed and communicates performance with Child Welfare Manager.

  • Relays work assignments from CPSS.

  • Supports less experienced CPS in any capacity as necessary to ensure their success.

  • Reports performance concerns to CPSS.

Mentors and Trains in Child Safety

  • Instructs and demonstrates how to conduct timely assessments of reports of child maltreatment. Advises how to document and communicate safety threats, including preparation of affidavits for District Court when necessary.

  • Provides training on the appropriate level of intervention to assure safety of all families in need of Child Protective Services (CPS); and how to continuously review progress made by families to eliminate safety threats.

  • Demonstrates and trains how to place child(ren) in out-of-home care, when necessary, and how to ensure that the placement is safe and complies with statutory and policy preferences and is in the best interests of the child(ren).

  • Provides direction on how to engage families and the child(ren) to ensure the safety of the child through a variety of methods.

  • Assits in on-call duties with CPS as requested by the CPSS.

Mentors and Trains on Permanency Plans for Children

  • Provides direction on how to engage families in the establishment of a permanency plan when needed and required, and demonstrates how to assure plan follows order of placement preference as set forth in statute and policy.

  • Explains how to provide ongoing reasonable efforts to implmenent the permanency plan in a timely manner consistent with the best interests of the child(ren).

  • Demonstrates how to prepare timely, clear, factually specific, and accurate affidavits for the District Court to allow the District Court to take steps necessary to timely implement permanency plans.

  • Gives direction and training on how to stay current and informed about the child’s placement activities and issues and how to ensure stability of placement by providing services and interventions for the child(ren) and placement when necessary.

  • Trains how to appropriately document contacts and record services to assure prompt payment for services.

Mentors and Trains on Child Well Being

  • Demonstrates how to properly evaluate and assess children to determine medical and psychological needs throughout the case.

  • Assists in sharing outcomes of evaluations with parent(s) and/or placement and how to determine if additional services are needed to achieve timely reunification and/or maintain placement stability for child(ren).

  • Demonstrates and teaches how to make recommendations for medical, psychological, and other services.

  • Provides hands on guidance on how to establishe frequent contact between parent, child(ren), and siblings if the child is not placed with siblings when in the best interests of the child(ren).

  • Provides direction and training on methods to ensure the childs education needs are being met.

Other Duties as Assigned.

  • Plans, implements and develops training curriculum, workshops, and other training activities to meet the Child and Family Services organizational needs.

Physical and Environmental Demands: The work of a LCPS is extremely difficult and involves extensive field work in the homes of families. The ability to engage and work with angry and violent individuals, make critical decisions, assess and place children, travel when needed, and remain flexible while working under demanding timelines with strict documentation requirements is required. Office time is limited due to the field work demands of this position and consists of 25% travel.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (Behaviors):

Required for thefirst day of work:

  • Knowledge of child development, child maltreatment prevention and treatment, and family centered social work practice.

  • Knowledge of the practices and procedures; and laws and rules pertaining to child protection services such as child safety, permanency and well being; and the Indian Child Welfare Act.

  • Knowledge of Montana Child and Family Service Programs and the Montana Child Protection System.

  • Ability to coach, develop and mentor others.

  • Ability to encourage self-confidence and capability in others.

  • Ability to use a variety of approaches to assist others in performing at consistently higher levels.

  • Ability to see information sharing as an opportunity.

  • Ability to provide others with direct, constructive and positive feedback.

  • Ability to provide reassurance after a setback.

  • Ability to exhibit flexibility in work methods; doesn’t force “own way” or “one way”.

  • Ability to engage children and families, under difficult circumstances, to gather sufficient information to make accurate and precise decisions.

  • Ability to identify problems, develop and implement solutions.

  • Ability to remain calm when being confronted and to develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with others, even those who do not share the same point of view and may be violent or angry, and maintain them over time.

  • Ability to operate a personal computer and general office equipment as necessary to complete the essential functions, including using spreadsheet, word processing, database, email, internet and other computer programs.


  • Experience working with tribal government entities and/or other organizations of native peoples is highly preferred.

  • Professional certifications related to Child Protection Services.

  • Experience with creating, facilitating and presenting training materials.

Minimum Qualifications (Required Education and Experience ):

  • Bachelor’s degree in social work, human services or psychology, or directly-related degree.

  • Two years of Child Protection Specialist work experience with the State of Montana.

  • Other combinations of directly related education and experience maybe considered on a case-by-case basis.

Job: *Community/Social Services

Title: Field Lead Training Specialist 51779

Location: Helena

Requisition ID: 19142698