MILP Office Manager in HELENA, Montana

As a member of Montana Independent Living Project?s (MILP?s) Management Team, the Officer Manager position is responsible for MILP?s operations as it pertains to leases, building and auto insurance and applicable maintenance of each, facility security and compliance, information technology (IT), network security and maintenance, and MILP?s website and maintenance. This position also assists with business development, fundraising and outreach efforts as well as advocacy and public education activities to improve service systems, develop community resources, and advance civil rights of people with disabilities. Additionally, the Office Manager?s duty is to support MILP?s CEO in carrying out MILP?s mission.II.JOB RELATIONSHIPS:A.Directly Responsible to: MILP?s Deputy CEO B.Supervision of others: Administrative Support Personnel and other staff as assignedC.Interrelationships: Responsible for supporting MILP?s CEO and mission, and working as a member of a professional team, constantly striving to build a strong sense of teamwork and purpose and maintaining the highest possible standards of customer service and support. As a team member, uphold successful, timely and effective communications and relationships with the CEO, Deputy CEO, management, co-workers, consumers, community representatives, contract and grant liaisons, and the public.IV.DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONSNote: The primary responsibilities below are intended to describe the general content and requirements of this position and are not intended to be an exhaustive statement of duties. Incumbents may perform all or some of the primary responsibilities listed below. Specific tasks or responsibilities will be documented in the incumbent?s performance goals and objectives as outlined by the Deputy CEO.1.Organizational Expectations ? Support MILP?s CEO and mission1.Maintain a high degree of confidentiality on all information to which this position is exposed, in accordance with HIPAA and MILP policies and procedures;2.Comply with all MILP policies and procedures;3.Utilize strong time management and organizational skills to maintain program efficiency and compliance with program regulations;4.Work with MILP?s CEO and Deputy CEO to assist with overall organizational strategy and goals and provide supporting documentation as requested;5.Participate in development, revision, and implementation of MILP policies and procedures and ensure maintenance of effectiveness;6.Coordinate with CEO and Deputy CEO to design an operations structure that best meets MILP?s goals;7.Work with CEO and Deputy CEO to evaluate programs based on growth potential, sustainability, and strategic alignment;8.Collaborate with the CEO, management team, and staff to develop, interpret, define, and communicate organizational goals, objectives, and priorities;9.Perform related work as required to sustain effective and efficient operations; and10.Travel for work-related purposes when necessary; includes travel to branch offices for periodic reviews, technical assistance, and training (in-state or out-of-state).2.Operations Management1.Administer various MILP operations involving property leases, insurance policies, information technology, motor fleet management, contracts for service, supply and equipment procurement and maintenance;2.Supervise administrative support personnel and other staff as assigned;3.Provide operational support for the management team and MILP staff when and where needed to achieve effective performance;4.Collaborate with the Administrative Officer, Program Officer, CEO and Deputy CEO in developing position descriptions, employee pre-appraisals and annual appraisals for supervised employees;5.Set goals and objectives with clear expectations, providing adequate feedback;6.Successfully lead and manage to promote employee engagement, motivation, development, and retention; and7.Generate and distribute information as needed or requested to improve workflow, public