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Tetra Tech Technical Services, Inc. UXO Technician II in Helena, Montana

Tetra Tech Inc. is currently seeking a part-time, temporary UXO Technician II for our Helena, MT operation working in Townsend, MT.

Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Do you want to do meaningful work that improves quality of life? At Tetra Tech, you will work with high-performing teams who are passionate about using their expertise to find solutions to complex problems in water, environment, infrastructure, resource management, energy, and international development.

The ideal candidate will
Meet the criteria for and perform the functions of a UXO-TI.

Store explosive materials in accordance with applicable guidance, including preparing on-site holding areas to temporarily store and secure MEC or MPPEH and other explosives (e.g., donor charges).

Determine, using a variety of techniques (e.g., global positioning equipment, land navigation techniques), and record the location of subsurface anomalies, surface MEC, and other material of interest in a field environment.

Perform field collection and testing procedures to identify explosives contaminated media or material (e.g., equipment used for the load-assemble-pack of military munitions).

Inspect and document the explosives safety status of MPPEH.

Supervise, as required, SWs, SP, and UXO-TIs.

Performs reconnaissance and classification of UXO. Identifies U.S. and foreign-guided missiles, bombs and bomb fuzes, projectiles and projectile fuzes, grenades and grenades fuzes, rockets and rocket fuzes, land mines and associated components, pyrotechnics, military explosives, and demolition materials.

Locates subsurface UXO using military and/or civilian magnetometers.
Performs excavation procedures on buried UXO by manual means and/or mechanical means.
Performs operator maintenance of military and/or civilian magnetometers.
Locates surface UXO using visual means. Operates motor vehicle transporting UXO.
Prepares an on-site safe holding area for UXO.
Performs storage of UXO and demolition materials.
Prepares a UXO disposal site.
Prepares non-electric firing systems for UXO disposal operations, electric firing systems for UXO disposal operations, and detonating cord firing systems.
Disposes of UXO and explosives by burning or detonation.
Operates a personnel decontamination station.
Dons and doffs appropriate PPE in contaminated areas.
Inspects salvage UXO-related material.
Erects UXO-related protective works.
Determines a magnetic azimuth using a lensatic compass.
Performs field expedient identification procedures to identify explosive-contaminated soil.
Performs emergency leak seal and packaging of chemical warfare material.
Uses radiographic (x-ray) equipment.

Job Requirements:

This position requires:
You must be a U.S. Citizen
Graduate of a military EOD School of the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, or Australia. Military EOD graduates with a minimum of 1 year's MEC-related experience and 8 years' EOD experience may immediately fill position as a UXO-TIII after leaving Active Duty.
(See Paragraph 4.8. for EOD personnel who were terminated for gross negligence in the performance of assigned duties, a flagrant violation of EOD safety procedure or regulation or who are not discharged under honorable conditions will not be considered EOD qualified and will not be considered a military EOD School graduate).
To obtain employment, such personnel must complete the training required for a UXO-TI.

Graduate of a UXO-TI Course (see Chapter 3), the EOD assistant's course or pass a comprehensive assessment.

On-the-job training including, but not limited to, familiarity with the process, p

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Equal Opportunity Employer-minorities/females/veterans/individuals with disabilities/sexual orientation/gender identity