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Flathead County Custodian - Kalispell in Kalispell, Montana

Flathead County, MT
Range: Stnd 17
Code: 08010



Positions in this class perform general custodial work in the care of county buildings, grounds, and surrounding areas.
The tasks performed require physical exertion such as lifting, moving, carrying, reaching, stooping, and kneeling at ground level or occasionally above the ground on ladders. Physical strength and agility is required to operate power buffers, vacuum cleaners, wet and dry mops, wringers, and other cleaning implements or other equipment associates with the facility. Duties follow a set procedure on a daily basis with special requests outside the normal routine identified by a supervisor. Work is performed on the day or afternoon shift and may be scheduled at other times depending on the needs of the County.
After the initial orientation period, the employee follows an established pattern of areas to be cleaned or duties performed without direct supervision of a maintenance supervisor or other person responsible for the building. Formal supervision of full-time employees is not a characteristic of positions in this class; however, some positions functioning in large buildings may have unpaid helpers assisting with the duties. Since a supervisor is not readily available for most of the shift, the employee is expected to complete all regular and special assignments independently and according to written or verbal instructions. Work is reviewed by a supervisor for the quality of custodial work performed.
Employees in this classification, during the hours when the building is open, have contact with the public and employees requiring employees to greet people in a pleasant and courteous manner.
Work is performed inside a building or facility, but requires occasional work outdoors. Work requires lifting, carrying, bending, stretching, walking, and operating heavy floor cleaning equipment.

REPRESENTATIVE EXAMPLES OF WORK: (Only major tasks are identified for most positions; refer to position description for detailed listing of duties)

Sweeps, mops, scrubs, strips, waxes, and buffs floors, hallways, and stairways; vacuums, dusts, and cleans carpets, fixtures, window sills, railing, and blinds.
Collects and remove waste paper and trash from offices, rooms, halls, or restrooms; washes walls, windows, mirrors, light fixtures, and drinking fountains; disinfects toilets, wash bowls, and urinals.
Replenishes towels, tissues, soaps, and other restroom supplies, unstops sinks, toilets, and drains; unloads and stores supplies.
Performs minor repairs such as repairing tiles, replacing light bulbs and ballasts, replacing towel racks, replacing washers in faucets, or painting walls.
Keeps outside premises in an orderly conditions; sweeps or shovels snow from walkways; cuts grass, waters lawn, pulls weeds, and removes trash from premises.
Maintains the security of buildings at all times; secures doors and windows after business hours and when leaving premises.

Performs various custodial tasks related to the facility maintained; operates a steam machine to clean work areas at the Road Department; collects and recycles lubricants and anti-freeze; occasionally assists other staff upon request.
Performs related work as assigned.

SELECTION FACTORS: (These factors will be the basis for selecting the most qualified applicants to be interviewed. Applicants selected for employment must satisfactorily demonstrate possession of these factors during and after a prescribed probationary period for continued employment)

Knowledge of:

* the operation of cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, mops, and buffers

Ability to:

* learn the safety precautions, methods, and materials used in cleaning buildings
* understand and execute oral and written instructions
* deal with the public or other employees in a pleasant, courteous manner
* establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisor, co-workers, and building occupants
* demonstrate physical strength and agility sufficient to perform the work

GENERAL RECRUITING INDICATORS: (Person applying for position of this classification should have the following experience and/or training)

Any equivalent combination of experience and training which indicates possession of the knowledge, skills and abilities listed.

Action Date Reference
Adopted 7/01/88 Commissioners Minutes
Revised 6/15/00 Commissioners Minutes
Adopted grade change per salary survey recommendation:
9/20/2006 Commissioners’ Minutes
Revised 07/01/14 HR Salary Recommendation Transmittal Signed 5/28/2014