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State of Montana Groundskeeper in Kalispell, Montana

/THE OUTSIDE IS IN US ALL./ Please remember to attach yourResumelisted in this announcement.Applications missing the requested documents will be considered incomplete and may not progress further in the process.Documents not requested will not be considered in the recruitment process. The State Application is not a substitute for a Resume.This position closes at 11:59 PM Mountain Time on April 14, 2024. You must apply through the State of Montana Career site. Special Information: Identity of applicants who become finalists may be released to the public if the Department deems it necessary. Employees who exceed 1,040 hours in a calendar year are also provided health, dental and life insurance. Other benefits include retirement, paid vacation, sick and holidays. This position may be covered by a VEBA (Voluntary EmployeeBeneficiaryAssociation). A successful applicant will be subject to a background investigation. Women and minorities are under-represented in this job category and are encouraged to apply. Employeemustbeabletoworkoutdoorsunderadverseweatherconditionsyear-round. Employeemustbeabletoperformhardphysicallaborincludingheavylifting,digging,andrepetitivemotions. TheseasonrunsfromMay13,2024, toSeptember 20,2024.Theworkshiftisprimarily daytimeMonday through Friday, but some evening, weekend, and holiday work may berequired. Kalispell,MT,isacityofapproximately 21,000residentslocatedintheheartofFlathead CountyinNorthwest Montana.Kalispell residents haveaccess to quality schools, healthcare, shopping, dining, arts,and entertainment aswell asa varietyofoutdoor activities.Nearby attractions includeFlathead Lake, Glacier National Park, and Whitefish Mountain Resort.Other cities and towns within½ hour drivefrom Kalispell include Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Bigfork, Creston, Kila, and Somers. Job Duties:TheGroundskeeper position ispartofthe Parks andOutdoor Recreation Division and a member of the regional maintenance teamthat includes theRegional Maintenance Manager, Maintenance TeamSupervisor Maintenance Workers1&2,andGroundskeepers.Theposition reportstothe Maintenance Team Supervisor and willperform a wide variety of routinemaintenance andgroundskeepinginan assigned geographic area bymaintaining buildings, improvingexistingvegetation in habitat areas and riparian areas,andgrounds andfacilities at stateparks,fishingaccess sites(FAS),wildlifemanagement areas (WMA), and administrativefacilities.TheGroundskeepermaybeassigned tomultiple geographic unitsorbecalled upon toassistwith,collaborateon,orsharemaintenancefunctionsofanothergeographicunitas circumstances require. The groundskeepingwork ensures that allFWP sites are maintained for public use and safety to extendthe usable lifeoffacilities andhabitat for program efficiency. In addition,the Groundskeeperaspart of an on-site employee team assists thepublicby answering questions and occasionally providinginformation about the use ofFASs, Parks, WMAs, andadministrativefacilities. Employee may act asMaintenance Worker 1in that worker's absence or serve asleadcrew member and regularlydemonstrates independent decision-makingandproblem solving.Regionalandsite-specific variance may exist, and other duties may be assigned. Essential Functions{MajorDuties orResponsibilities)Duties vary accordingtositetype.Whenand whereapplicable, theposition isresponsible forthefollowing: • Minor routine maintenance to facilities by preparing surfaces forpainting or staining, changing light bulbs,cleaninggutters anddownspouts.Thiswork involvesthe useof hand tools,woodscrapers, wire brushes, sanders, paintbrushes; primers,paint, andcleanup chemicals; andstep ladders. • Employee will assist others in maintaining FWP grounds with maintenance of fire rings and campsites andbymowing, weed cutting,hand-pulling weeds, irrigation, raking, shoveling, fertilizing, planting, andpruningto provide the site with safe and appropriate vegetation. This work includes the use of rakes, shovels, pruners, lawn mowers, weed trimmers and leaf blowers. • Assists thepublicbyanswering questions; providing area and agency information.This workinvolves theuseofemployee trainingmanuals, maps,andotherprintedmaterialsin communicating information to the public. • Follows established procedures andcontacts the proper authorities when encountering emergency or law enforcement situations.Collects information and evidence of violations or accidents occurring at the FWP site and documents using standard report forms, establishes communication with local 911/EMS, law enforcementofficials, wardens, and supervisors. • Employeewillkeepdetailedrecordsonassigned duties,equipment andsupplyneeds,timeworked,and submit towork unit office in a timely manner. • ParticipatesinannualandscheduledtrainingincludingStandardFirstAidandCPR,andsafetymeetings. Ensure proper use of personal protective equipment on all job duties. • Maycollect feesandoccasionallyeducatevisitorswhereapplicable. • Alwaysconscientiousofequipmentuseanddemonstratesgoodleadershiptootherstaffbypayingextra attention to visitor use areas and cultural and environmental resources while performing job duties. SiteCleaning&Inspection: • Cleaningand sanitizingrestroom andlatrinefacilities,picnictables,barbeque grills,andreplacingpaper productsin restroom facilities. Cleaningother FWPfacilities includingsidewalks, boat/swimming docks, picnic shelters,storage structures, bulletin boards,interpretive displays, andothersigns.Workinvolves useof manualcleaningequipment,chemicalcleaners,sanitizingagents,stepladders, andleafblowers. • Dailyinspectionandreportingofhazards,maintenance,orrepairneeds. • Minor repairs or responses tofacility problems by unclogging drains and toilets, installing toilet seats and closing/locking facilities and redirecting public use. • Collectingtrash from facilities, area garbage cans, beaches, grounds, trailareas and adjacent highway rights-of-way. Placing collected trash in transfer bins forshipment off-site. Knowledge,Skills,andAbilities: • Incumbent should havetheknowledge andskillstowork withvarious types of handtoolsandequipment. • Musthavetheinterestandabilitytoworkwiththepublic. • Ability tosafely followalltrafficand state laws and abilitytotowtrailerwith proper towingand safetyprotocols. • Participatesinandifqualified,providestraininginPersonalProtectiveEquipment(PPE). • Shouldhaveagoodgrasp of thegeneralinformation abouteachFWPsiteandsurroundingareathat the incumbentwill be responsibleforand theability tocommunicate this tothe public. • Mustbeabletocarryoutassignedtaskswithlittlesupervision. • Mustbehaveethicallyandappropriatelywhenservingvisitors. PhysicalandEnvironmentalDemands: Physical demands include frequent exertion, often for extended periods,includinglifting,carrying, diggingand pounding. This position frequently requires field work under adverseweather and environmentalconditions that may include: • Temperatureextremes,snowandrain,dustandmosquitoinfestedareas. • Onor near wastewater andsewage disposal systems withpotentialfor contact withdisease,virusandbacteria. • Areasfrequentedby rodentswiththepotentialforcontactwithdiseasesuchasHantavirus. • Hazardouschemicals,includingvariouspesticides,solvents,paints,andfuels. • Working weekendsand someholidaysand occasionaltime awayduring evenings,overnightorawayfrom permanent workstation. _Minimum__Qualifications(EducationandExperience):_ The knowledge, skills, andabilities of this position arenormally attained through ahighschooldiploma or equivalency.Othercombinations of education andexperience willbeconsidered onacase-by-case basis. Title: Groundskeeper Location: Kalispell Requisition ID: 24140938