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Flathead County Truck Driver in Kalispell, Montana

Flathead County, MT
Range: Union Contract
Code: 16200



Positions in this classification operate a variety of large trucks in hauling a variety of road construction materials to maintain or construct county roads, bridges, and related facilities.
The tasks performed require employees to exercise caution and safety when operating the truck and be alert for co-workers and the public traveling to the work site and in the immediate work area. Work requires manipulative skills and dexterity in operating the truck and auxiliary controls for efficient, effective, and safe equipment operations. Although truck driving is a major function of the work, employees are expected to provide routine maintenance checks of assigned vehicles and perform a variety of unskilled and semi-skilled manual tasks associated with the department work.
Work is performed under the direct supervision of a supervisor, foreman, or lead operator who assigns work or provides direction in dropping the load of materials. Work is reviewed while in progress and upon completion for adherence to instructions, conformance with established standards, and the quality of results obtained. Instructions may be received on new assignments, but independent action is allowed in accomplishing recurring tasks. This is a non-supervisory class, although direction of other employees on specific assignments may be provided.
Work is performed operating an assigned truck in a variety of weather and traffic conditions.

Physical demands: (These guidelines may alter due to seasonal changes.)
Standing/Walking: Standing on feet and walking occasionally, less than 3 hours a day.
Sitting: Continuous sitting when operating the truck, from 5 to 8 hours a day.
Lifting/Carrying: Frequently at 10 to 50 pounds; occasionally 50 to 100 pounds, while
negotiating stairs.
Bending: Continuous bending is required when operating equipment and other related
Reaching: Occasional reaching above head and constant use of upper extremities with
daily lifting and twisting of back.
Climbing: Frequent climbing in and out of vehicles, buildings, right-of-way, and bridges
is required.
Pushing/Pulling: Frequent pushing and pulling of equipment, materials, and tools.

REPRESENTATIVE EXAMPLES OF WORK (Only major tasks are identified for most positions; refer to position description for detailed listing of duties.)

Operates one or more types of large trucks skillfully in the transport of equipment and road construction materials; operates trucks pulling a variety of trailers or dumps.
Loads and transports stone, gravel, dirt, asphalt, and other materials; dumps or unloads materials as directed; assists in resurfacing, oiling and patching roads.
Plows snow and spreads sand on an assigned section of county road; operates controls for the plow and sander.

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Performs pick and shovel work in digging, widening, and backfilling trenches and other excavations; sweeps, clears, and cleans roadsides, gutters, curbs, culverts, and other drainage structures; cleans and maintains tools used at the work site.
Performs related work as assigned.

SELECTION FACTORS (These factors will be the basis for selecting the most qualified applicants to be interviewed. Applicants selected for employment must satisfactorily demonstrate possession of these factors during and after a prescribed probationary period for continued employment.)

Knowledge of:

* all State and local traffic laws and regulations, and the safe driving practices pertaining to
the operation of motor vehicles and large trucks
* the methods, practices, and materials used in road construction and maintenance.
* the hazards and safety precautions applicable to large truck operation.
* the care and maintenance of assigned equipment.
*the use and purpose of a variety of hand tools associated with the work; including
* General operations of maintenance and construction equipment; i.e. dump truck and pup trailers, tractor trucks, lowboy, water trucks, boom truck, sweeper, fork lifts, motor grader, front end loader, backhoe, roller, dozer.

Skill in:

* the operation of assigned trucks.

Ability to:

* operate assigned trucks skillfully, safely, and in conformance with applicable laws and regulations.
* work out of doors for extended periods under unfavorable weather conditions.
* establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees.
* deal with the public in a pleasant and courteous manner.
* secure a Montana commercial driver’s license type 2 Class A, with endorsements for
hazardous, tanker, and air-brakes; proof of insurability and safe driving record.
* perform unskilled and semi-skilled manual labor and road maintenance and construction
* demonstrate physical strength and agility sufficient to perform the work of the position.

GENERAL RECRUITING INDICATORS (Person applying for position of this classification should have the following experience and/or training.)

High school diploma and one years experience in the safe and skilled operation of trucks or heavy equipment used in road construction or maintenance work; or, any equivalent combination of experience and training which indicates possession of the knowledge, skills and abilities listed.

Action Date Reference
Adopted 6/15/00 Commissioners Minutes
Revised 10/28/08 Commissioners Minutes