State of Montana Vocational Rehabilitation Supervisor (10042) in Kalispell, Montana

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Job Overview : The Vocational Rehabilitation Supervisor directs the work unit and manages an active caseload. Responsibilities include ensuring case management actions are aligned with policies, laws, and best practices; counseling consumers on job and career development goals; providing staff assistance with interpreting or decision-making on difficult cases; and serving as a liaison between Montana Vocational Rehabilitation and community rehabilitation providers. This position directly supervises six employees.

Major Duties or Responsibilities:

Case Management

  • Counsels consumers on job and career development goals, disability adjustment, and employment issues.

  • Assesses consumers’ mental health status and implements crisis intervention strategies as necessary.

  • Develops and writes the consumers’ plan of employment including goals, objectives and evaluation criteria.

  • Develops rehabilitation plans based on consumers’ aptitudes, education levels, physical abilities and career goals.

  • Manages a culturally diverse caseload including outreach to rural communities.

  • Monitors and documents consumers’ progress and goal obtainment.

  • Implements strategies to help overcome employment barriers such as inaccessible work sites, transportation and work schedule issues.

  • Works with employment agencies, Veteran’s Administration, and other community rehabilitation providers to coordinate services.

Personnel Management

  • Provides mentoring, coaching, guidance, and support to staff.

  • Delegates work, assigns work shifts, or makes schedule changes as necessary.

  • Handles performance appraisals, hiring/interviewing, and constructive discipline.

  • Provides staff assistance with interpreting or decision-making on difficult cases.

  • Conducts meeting and shares updates or procedural changes with staff.

  • Trains and orients new counselors.

  • Assigns liaison duties to counselors for other community partners.

Case Management Supervision

  • Evaluates and ensures casework plans are accurately assessed, documented, and managed.

  • Ensures case management decisions and actions are aligned with policies, laws, and best practices.

  • Performs case reviews and manages caseloads during counselors’ absences.

  • Serves as liaison between Montana Vocational Rehabilitation and community rehabilitation providers.

  • Responds to requests from attorneys, stakeholders, family members, and the general public.

  • Monitors case expenditures and researches discrepancies.

  • Participates and provides expert testimony in legal settings.

  • Handles elevated cases or complaints from consumers, family members, and advocates.

Systems Change Management

  • Consults and coaches Local Education Agencies on Pre-Employment Transition Service delivery.

  • Consults and coaches Workforce partners on serving individuals with disabilities.

  • Consults and coaches community rehabilitation providers, businesses, and other stakeholders on Competitive Integrated employment.

  • Negotiates and monitors local contracts.

  • Tracks and reports issues.

  • Provides Public Relations on Vocational Rehabilitation and Blind Services to businesses and organizations.

Assessment and Financial

  • Gathers and analyzes consumers’ medical, educational, occupational, and social information.

  • Determines consumers’ abilities, needs, disability level, and eligibility for services.

  • Assesses consumers’ need for adaptive equipment and assistive technology services.

  • Refers consumers to other medical or psychological professionals to assess disability and rehabilitation needs.

  • Prepares and documents case records including certification of eligibility, disability classification, and priority level of services.

  • Completes consumer financial summary, determines financial eligibility for cost services, and negotiates consumers’ financial participation in the rehabilitation plan.

  • Verifies consumer eligibility for extended employment, social security, and other funds or services

  • Investigates and resolves financial discrepancies with authorized services.

*Other Duties as Assigned *

Physical and Environmental Demands: Typical office environment with keyboarding responsibilities. Frequent in-state travel, approximately 25% of the time, with occasional overnight stays. Potential de-escalation may be necessary with some consumers.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (Behaviors):

Required for the first day of work:

  • Knowledge of psychosocial assessment, occupational placement, and vocational rehabilitation counseling.

  • Knowledge of medical and psychiatric conditions in relation to the rehabilitation process.

  • Knowledge of supervisory policies, practices, and techniques

  • Effective written and oral communication skills.

  • Ability to interpret and use medical, psychological information, and make sound decisions.

  • Ability to operate personal computer and general office equipment as necessary to complete essential functions including using word processing, databases, email, internet and other computer programs.

  • Ability to identify, analyze, and solve complex problems.

  • Ability to establish and maintain professional relationships.

  • Ability to delegate, direct, and evaluate the work of others.

Minimum Qualifications (Education and Experience):

  • Master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling.

  • Three years of experience in rehabilitation counseling.

  • Two years of supervisory experience providing direction to counseling activities.

  • Certification by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC) is highly preferred.

  • Other combinations of directly related education and experience may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Job: *Community/Social Services

Title: Vocational Rehabilitation Supervisor (10042)

Location: Kalispell

Requisition ID: 18142722