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State of Montana Certified Nursing Aide in Lewistown, Montana

Job Overview: This position provides personal care to male and female residents with mental health disorders. Following policies and procedures to assure basic physical needs and promote self-esteem responsibilities include: 1) assisting the residents with basic hygiene such as bathing, oral hygiene, and dressing. 2) performing health related tasks such as taking and recording vital signs, collecting specimens, and assisting in emergency situations. 3) transports the residents to appointments and assisting as needed.

Essential Functions (major Duties or Responsibilities):

  1. Personal care of residents.

Provides personal care to male and female residents to meet basic physical needs and promote self-esteem. While following policies and procedures applicant will perform personal care items such as:

-Cleansing of face, hands, oral hygiene, grooming, bathing and showering. Assists with dressing as well.

-Assists residents by feeding setting up trays or encourages resident to feed themselves. Observes and records amounts of in take and reports to nursing staff any unusual problems.

-Follows directions from nursing staff in care for residents, performs duties such as; takes and records vital signs; collects specimens; provides catheter and colostomy care; post-mortem care and assists in emergency situations. Restrains residents as needed.

-Ambulates residents to maintain or improve mobility, in an attempt to reach the individuals goal.

-Reports all suspected abuse to the immediate supervisor to ensure the mental and physical well being of the resident.

-Transports the resident to appointments using a state vehicle, staying with them and assisting as needed.

-Documents the residents activities of daily living (ADLs), intake and output, bowel and bladder, vital statistics, and ambulation. Reports observations and changes in residents physical conditions, attitudes or behaviors to nurse and care plan team. Some of these changes include skin tears, pressure sores, and rashes.

  1. Orients and assists new certified nurse aide's to resident cares and routines.

  2. Other responsibilities

-Maintain an attractive, comfortable, and efficient environment for residents such as making residents beds, cleaning residents room, stocking supplies for residents, maintaining nursing service utility rooms, and so forth.

-Stays current on communication book regarding care conferences and care plan meetings to keep informed of current resident status. Refers to residents care plan to provide individualized care.

-Stays current on written materials provided by management concerning facility operations.

  1. Physical and environmental demands: Physical activities including standing, lifting, bending, pushing, pulling, stretching and twisting. Ability to lift up to 50 pounds. Ability to deal appropriately with residents that may be verbally and physically aggressive.

Knowledge, skills and abilities(behaviors):

Required for the first day of work:

-Ability to communicate information both orally and in writing.

-Ability to make observations and report/record them accurately.

-Ability to follow oral and written instructions explicitly.

-Develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with others, maintaining them over time.

-Basic knowledge of personal hygiene.

Minimum Qualifications (Education and Experience):

-High school diploma or the equivalent.

-Two years of job-related experience working with people in a healthcare setting or group home.

-Other combinations of related education and experience may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Job: *Healthcare Support

Title: Certified Nursing Aide

Location: Lewistown

Requisition ID: 20140542