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The Office Administrator supports the church staff, church committees, ministry teams, and congregation for financial functions so that our mission to be a welcoming, witnessing, worshipping community where the mountains meet the plains and heaven touches earth may be carried out effectively.

Part time position

HOURS/DAYS: January- December, 6 to 8 hours per week.



  • Serve in a staff relationship to the church, with special responsibility to the Church Council, the Finance Committee, the Board of Trustees, the Memorial Committee, and Small Wonder.

  • Oversee the receipt, counting, recording, safekeeping, and deposit of church income with the Financial Secretary. Provide the Financial Secretary with any electronic giving records deposited in Church asset accounts for proper donor/giving documentation..

  • Assist benevolence ministries in responsible and appropriate disbursements. .

  • Write semi-monthly and monthly payroll and other timely compensation reimbursements..

  • Send monthly remittances to the Conference Treasurer or General Boards..

  • Send monthly invoices to Winifred UMC and Denton Community UMC for their portion of the Pastor?s salary..

  • Send monthly invoice to Small Wonder for their building usage and rent..

  • Handle bookkeeping, prepare and reconcile church?s bank accounts and ledgers, receive and disburse church funds?both budget and non-budget..

  • Provide monthly financial reports, quarterly contribution statements, annual reports, and year-end statistics (including investments and non-budget accounts) as required. .

  • Ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, and local reporting laws; monitor and pay payroll and other taxes as required; and ensure all tax reports are properly paid and timely filed..

  • Assist with compilation and entry of financial budget with the Church?s software..

  • Collaborate with the Finance Committee, Pastor, and Church Council to prepare a yearly budget draft for review and adoption by the Charge Conference..

  • Collaborate with the Pastor, Financial Secretary, and Office Administrator for annual reports..

  • Collaborate with the Finance Committee to obtain an annual financial audit..

  • Other duties as requested..


  • Ability to maintain confidentiality with integrity..

  • Ability to communicate clearly with respect and kindness..

  • Ability to work and interact well with supervisor, staff members, and volunteers..

  • Ability to demonstrate a constructive, positive attitude..

  • Ability to place the mission and vision of Lewistown UMC, as expressed by the Church Council and Pastor before the individual?s personal vision..

  • Ability to type accurately, proofread, edit, and prepare correspondence, reporting, statistics, and other printed materials..

  • Ability to create a positive, friendly, welcoming work environment..

  • Ability to maintain electronic and paper files in good order. .

  • Proficiency with office equipment..

  • Proficiency with Quickbooks accounting software..

  • Proficiency with computer, Windows, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook email..

  • Willingness to learn and be flexible..