Missoula employer seeking a Part-time, SOBRIETY AND ACCOUNTABILITY PROGRAM TECHNICIAN: Must have knowledge of computer operations, keyboarding, and basic book keeping. Must possess basic math skills. Ability to physically restrain an individual if necessary; effectively communicate verbally and in written form; attend to details of monitoring individual programs; understand and interpret verbal and written instructions; operate a motor vehicle; apply rules and regulations; carry out facility policies; make appropriate decisions within the limits of authority; and function effectively under stressful conditions. This position require a current State of Montana driver's license. Mental demands are paramount due to the intensity of the work. Physical demands include the ability to restrain offenders/defendants in a crisis situation and the ability to observe and hear offenders/defendants. Therefore, the Technician needs to be in good physical condition and mobile. See program description below. One part time Technician position is being hired to work within the program. The regular work schedule is as follows:Technician Position #3: Sunday & Monday 6:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m., Wednesday and Thursday offThe Sobriety and Accountability Program mission is to monitor the sobriety of individuals ordered by the court to participate in the program because there is an indication that their use of alcohol and/or illegal substances played a factor in their interaction with the criminal justice system. It also provides a release alternative for defendants who have allegedly committed said offenses. Offenders/defendants court ordered to the program are required to provide breathalyzer tests twice per day or to be placed on an alcohol monitoring device or visual VBT unit at their own expense. The Sobriety and Accountability Program reports compliance/noncompliance to the Courts and all related parties. Typical Duties: (Not all inclusive) Provides client orientation sessions and completes all intake paperwork, inputs all client data into the program data system, establishes client files, performs breathalyzer tests, collects and receipts client fees, prepares a deposit of fees, coordinates with the Courts, performs all tasks associated with an alcohol monitoring device-hook up of the client to the unit, downloads unit information, notifies supervisor of supplies needed, provides monthly reports to the MCS Supervisor, the MCS Executive Director and the Sheriff, notifies the on call supervisor and the court of any client noncompliance, and will assist in the witnessing and obtaining of urinalysis samples from probation and pretrial clients. Following directions given by supervisor; and performing related duties as assigned. Starting wage is $11.00/hr. Upon successful completion of probationary period the wage will go to $11.73/hr. //JRS