CSKT Pharmacist in POLSON, Montana

DUTIES: Prepares and dispenses medication to patients. Counsels patients on safe and effective use of drugs. Provides clinical drug information to physicians, nurses and patients. Maintains necessary legal records on control items and other prescription products. Prepackages manufacturers and compound products not commercially available. Inspects all storage places for drugs to insure proper storage conditions, checks age and conditions of all medications. Reviews patient's medication profile for safety, logic, and effectiveness of drug therapy. Maintains stock of drugs for emergency situations. Checks emergency drugs in clinic on a routine basis. Treats minor acute conditions of patients not requiring prescription drugs, e.g., headaches, upper respiratory tract infections, skin sores, etc. Performs other duties as assigned. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS - Must have a minimum of a bachelor's of science degree in Pharmacy. - - Must possess a valid driver's license. - This position is subject to a background check in accordance with Public Law 101-630. Request a copy of position description for full details. SPECIAL CONDITIONS: This is a Testing Designated Position (TDP) within the definition of the CSKT Drug Testing policy. The successful applicant, if not already employed by the Tribes must pass a pre-hire drug test and serve a mandatory six (6) month probationary period.