CSKT Director of Education/CDSS Coordinator in RONAN, Montana

Full job title: Director of Education/CDSS Coordinator/Co-Disability Coordinator/Training Coordinator/Information Technology Point of Contact MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: - Must possess a current Class I or II Montana Teaching Certificate. - Must possess a current Class III Administrative school principle certification, or be able to obtain within one year of hire. These certifications must be maintained. - Must have 5 years working experience in Job Corps education or comparable position with 1 year supervisory experience in education/career technical training programs. Master's Degree is preferred. - Employee is required to pass a background investigation per PL-101-630. DUTIES: 1. As the Director of Education, ensures the development and maintenance of the Education Program and Center's CDSS program. This will include compliance with the Electronic Policy and Requirement Handbook (ePRH) and supplemental material to attain maximum efficiency of learning for students. a. Provides support to education staff and program through building positive morale, offering guidance and assistance, and providing resources; while acting as a liaison between the education staff and the Center Director, disseminating and interpreting directives. Develops annual education staff training and ensures that staff fulfills Job Corps requirements and regulations as instructors in prescribed time frames in accordance with OPI. Ensures all academic instructors maintain professional licensures and are up to date with OPI standards for teaching licensure.b. Provides short and long term planning for the Education Program in relationship to the ePRH and the Center CDSS. This is to ensure that program objectives and goals are being met daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly throughout the contract.c. Provides compiled reports of the Center's Outcome Measurement Standards status on a weekly basis to the Center Director and key management staff. This will include updates on the Center's OMS in all programmatic areas of the center as well as being responsible for the Education Department meeting the benchmarks for HSE/HSD attainment, numeracy gain and literacy gain.d. Provides fiscal control of the education budget assigned. This will include approving requisitions and expenditures of the education budget.e. Ensures that student educational profile is kept current and terminated in a timely fashion. This includes checking files, updating files, and closing out files on student education completions when terminated.f. Implement "Applied Academics" between the Education Department and the Career Technical Training (CTT) Department, ensuring instructors cooperatively show "real world" applications of concepts specific within training areas. If you would like to review the entire position description including SPECIAL CONDITIONS you can request it from the Personnel Department 2. As the CDSS Coordinator, ensures that this program functions within guidelines of the PRH. 3. As the Disability Co-Coordinator, participates as a member of the file review team and the reasonable accommodation committee. DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS: - Must have knowledge on personnel policies, center operating plan, Department of Labor requirements, other educational agencies, and CSKT policies.- Must possess communication, innovation, evaluation, implementation, management, and leadership skills.- Director must be able to disseminate and execute proper procedures in order to meet the goals and objectives of the total Job Corps Program.- Incumbent must address educational needs, concepts, and principles, in support of the total Job Corps goals and objectives.- The Director of Education must be able to work with other management level staff to ensure continuity of the program.