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CSKT National Monitoring Center Monitor in RONAN, Montana

The National Monitoring Center Monitor is a full-time, 40-hours per week, position responsible for providing monitoring, notification, documentation, and referral function of the Safety of Dams EWS National Monitoring Center in the Tribal Safety of Dams Programs.The successful applicant must possess a High school diploma from an accredited high school or a GED/HiSet. Possession of, or eligibility for, a Montana State Driver's License. Must be able to type at least 30 words per minute and have the ability to read a map and locate states and cities in the Western United States. Experience in surfing the Internet. Training or experience with word processing and spreadsheet software WORD and EXCEL. Must be able to open a WORD file, cut and paste a portion of a WORD document, and save the WORD document. Experience in working and communicating with the public, or in an office working with other personnel where communicating information was important to that position. Must be able to work throughout the entire shift and be able to stay awake and alert for the duration of the shift. Must be able to communicate clearly by enunciating and speaking works in a clear and understandable manner. Must be able to write clearly and legibly. See details at