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Daniels Memorial Hospital Dietary Cook in Scobey, Montana

Menu Accurately follow menu requirements. Accurately follow standardized recipe instructions. Accurately follow special diets. Willingness to provide patient food preferences within diet guidelines. Prepares all required foods and nourishments.

Recipe Accurately follows recipe instructions. Measures ingredients correctly to avoid waste. Uses correct food preparation procedures.

Appearance Uses garnishes as appropriate. Always serves foods that are of proper texture and color. Always serves foods of proper moisture content. Food Handling Always wears gloves or uses utensils when handling food. Always uses clean, separate utensils for tasting foods. Is careful with all food supplies to avoid damage. Labels and dates all foods put away. Thaws all frozen foods in refrigerator. Promptly refrigerates or freezes all leftovers.

Dishing Up Serves all foods attractively, not sloppily All spills are wiped from edges of plates.

Temperature All foods are cooked at low to medium temperatures to avoid becoming over-done or dried out. Accurately takes and records food temperatures. Roasts all meats to proper internal temperatures. Promptly removes foods when done.


Supplies Checks in, dates, and stores supplies correctly and promptly.

Time Schedules Adheres to break schedules. Follows established daily routine. Completes all required tasks within time schedules. Prepares meals accordingly.

Dishwashing Uses correct dishwashing procedures. Assists morning aide with breakfast dishes. Cleans own preparation equipment utensils promptly. Handles dishes carefully to avoid breakage and contamination.

Cleaning Assignments Correctly completes required assignments. Cleans own work area promptly. Assists as needed or requested. Uses correct cleaning procedures. Keeps all areas neat and in order.

Record Keeping Accurately records all meals served from dietary during shift. Accurately records temperatures from foods. Accurately records any changes or additions to diets, or dismissals Accurately records any substitutions made. Accurately records any equipment breakage.

Equipment Handling Uses good techniques to avoid breakage. Is respectful of hospital property. Reports mechanical failures or negative conditions.