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Temporary full time position from 3/15/2024 to 11/15/2024 Worker will be required to perform a variety of duties related to the production of sod, flowers, hay, grain and livestock. The majority of the work activities during the overall contract period, however, will be related to agricultural equipment operation. General Farm Work will include the following responsibilities: drive, load/unload farm trucks and Ag exempt, non-CDL semi-trucks; transport crops from field to storage and/or market; operate telehandler with bale fork; maintain, drive, attach and operate farm implements/tractors/equipment to till soil, plant, cultivate, fertilize and harvest crops; operate tractors/ trucks to load/unload products; work with augers, gas motors; generators and electrical cords; watch gauges, dials, or other indicators to make sure a machine is working properly; adjust the controls of a machine or a vehicle to exact positions; workers possessing the proper licensure may be asked to transport other farm workers. Worker will operate farm trucks to: haul grain/sod/hay during planting from cellars or storages to various fields located on the farm; haul fertilizer and/ or fuel from storage tanks to various fields located on the farm; transport products; keep a daily log of products and vehicle service; keep trucks in working order by performing small repairs and conducting daily general maintenance duties to mechanical, safety, and emergency equipment; report truck problems to farm mechanic; inspect loads to ensure that cargo is secure using ropes, blocks, chain, binders, or covers. In view of the statutorily established basic function of the Employment Service (ES) as a no-fee labor exchange that is as a forum for bringing together employers and job seekers, neither the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) nor the State Workforce Agencies (SWA) are guarantors of the accuracy or truthfulness of information contained on job orders submitted by employers. Nor does any job order accepted or recruited upon by the ES constitute a contractual job offer to which the ETA or a SWA is in any way a party.